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New York Giants notes: Feagles kicked out?


Pay attention, Zoltan Mesko fans.

Mike Garafolo reported Wednesday night that veteran punter Jeff Feagles and the Giants "are not seeing eye-to-eye on salary."

Could this be the end of the line in New York for the 22-year veteran? Feagles, 44, is an unrestricted free agent and you can hardly blame the guy for trying to cash one more significant pay check before his career closes.

From the Giants' perspective, you can also see why would be hesitant to give Feagles a fat pay day. He remains a great directional kicker, but leg strength is an issue and his performance did slip a bit in 2009.

So, Mesko fans the door might be open for the Giants to look at using a late-round pick on the Michigan punter.

  • Great line by Larry McShane of the New York Daily News in a brief story noting that Eli Manning toured the new Meadowlands Stadium Wednesday. He wrote:

    The Big Blue QB didn't even need a coin toss to tour the stadium without his Jets counterpart, Mark Sanchez.
  • Speaking of the Stadium, the Giants and Jets do not expect Woody Johnson's coin toss rant to hurt New York's 2014 Super Bowl bid.
  • Sometimes I just don't get ESPN's Matt Mosley. He made a big deal out of Giants coach Tom Coughlin being at Florida's Pro Day Wednesday, and tried to make the claim that Coughlin is somehow interested in bringing Tim Tebow to the Giants. C'mon, Matt, be serious. In case you didn't notice there were other players at the Pro Day. You have to think TC was particularly interested in seeing Brandon "Molasses" Spikes. And there were several reports that Giants officials spent significant time with Joe Haden, regarded as the top cornerback in the draft. Speaking of Tebow, you have to check out Miami QB Chad Henne's assessment of Tebow's ability, or lack thereof, to play in the NFL.