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New York Giants News & Notes: Happy St. Patrick's Day Edition

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Giants fans! I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to some green beer as soon as I get off work. Today is the one day of the year I almost wish I was a Jets fan, so I'd have plenty of green clothes to wear. Then I remind myself that the Jets haven't won a Super Bowl in 41 years, and realize having tons of blue clothing is a worthwhile sacrifice to make. Onto some links:

  • Matt Mosley writes about the draft needs for the NFC East teams, and you can't argue with his assessment of the Giants.
  • The Giants have begun their voluntary offseason workout program, and the players sound like they are happy to be moving past the end of last season. Michael Eisen has a more in-depth report on the workouts and gets some quotes from the players. Is it just me or is anyone else always amazed at how quickly it seems like they get back to work every offseason? I feel like the Super Bowl just ended, and already we're having the voluntary workouts. Before you know it the draft will be here, then rookie camp, then training camp, and then, thankfully, another season. I can't wait.
  • Finally, some speculation from the Dallas Morning News that the Cowboys might be chosen as the opponent to open the new Giants Stadium. It would be fitting, since the Cowboys opened the original Giants Stadium and the Giants opened the Cowboys "Mecca of Sports" last year. Hopefully the Cowboys don't return the favor the Giants gave them last year.