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New York Giants notes: Woody's rant costly?

Jusr a couple of quick New York Giants notes this morning.

  • Gary Myers of the New York Daily News wonders if Woody Johnson's calling out of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will end up costing New York the 2014 Super Bowl.

    My take: Woody is acting like a petulant child. In the end, what difference does the opener really make? What really amazes me is that the two teams actually built this stadium together in the first place. This is probably only the first of many territorial fights between the franchises.
  • The Giants began off-season workouts Monday. The only thing anyone should really care about at this point is whether or not Osi Umenyiora showed up. Of course, there was no media access to players and the Giants aren't saying.
  • Is FieldTurf, which is installed at the new Giants/Jets stadium safe? Study raises concerns.