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Big Blue View Community Mock Draft

All right, draft experts. Let's try our hand at our own Big Blue View Community Mock Draft.

Here is how this is going to work.

  • If you want to participate as a drafter, e-mail me at Put 'BBV Mock Draft' and the team you want to select for in the subject line. Be sure to include your BBV user name in the e-mail so I know who you are. First person to request a team gets that team. I will draft for the Giants, so don't ask. Remember, the Bears have no selections and the Panthers only have a second-round pick. San Francisco and Seattle have two first-round picks.
  • You get to select for only one team, so please don't ask for several. If you choose the 49ers or Seahawks, you will be asked to pick twice.
  • I would like to do two rounds. That, however, depends on how quickly selected drafters get picks back to me. I will try to be patient, but if I don't have your pick within 24 hours of notifying you that you are "On the Clock," I will make the selection for you.
  • We will conduct the draft via e-mail.I will notify you via e-mail when you are on the clock. Reply with your pick. Please include the following: Player, Position, School and a short (maybe two paragraphs) summary of your reason for the selection.
  • I will put up a post for each pick individually. The entire draft will be charted in a table at the end of each post.

I would love to get this started Tuesday morning. So, as soon as I have drafters selected for the first several teams we will get going. Watch the table after the jump to see which teams are still available.

[UPDATE 8:41 AM EDT : The board is filling up quickly. Please check the chart before e-mailing me with a team request.]

[UPDATE 10:19 AM EDT: Remaining teams as of right now are Kansas City, Denver, Atlanta, Houston, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Arizona, Dallas (unbelievable!!), Minnesota, Indianapolis (SBaker? Peytonsthebest?). ]

[UPDATE 11:08 AM EDT: Only Atlanta, Arizona, Cincinnati and Indianapolis remain. BTW, the first pick is already in and will be posted Tuesday morning. That puts 'soulpower' on the clock for Detroit's pick. ]

Pos Team Player Pos School Drafter
1 St. Louis Soldier_
2 Detroit soulpower
3 Tampa Bay i_formation27
4 Washington G Fan in England
5 Kansas City ronjohnson
6 Seattle CCE718
7 Cleveland GreatGatsby
8 Oakland Hoyadestroya85
9 Buffalo The Greek
10 Jacksonville jp2y
11 Denver NYG_Slater
12 Miami sunlion333
13 San Francisco RIPShea
14 Seattle CCE718
15 N.Y. Giants Ed Valentine
16 Tennessee Json
17 San Francisco RIPShea
18 Pittsburgh ross_stephen
19 Atlanta daddyzander
20 Houston BitterEli
21 Cincinnati Woogie526
22 New England Ryan Valentine
23 Green Bay Dan Luibil
24 Philadelphia Bye Dawk
25 Baltimore Larry Soprano
26 Arizona Snipah
27 Dallas pataroons
28 San Diego hakeemthedream
29 N.Y. Jets Brooklyn58
30 Minnesota hurikaine
31 Indianapolis Charles L.
32 New Orleans GiantsReignSupreme