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New York Giants News & Notes: Some QB News

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Not a whole lot to report in Giants news today, but there are a few quarterback related items to share.

First, ESPN's Matt Mosley discusses why the Giants signed Jim Sorgi to be their backup QB. "Sorgi's served as Peyton Manning's understudy for six seasons, so there are no surprises here. If Peyton didn't have a great opinion of Sorgi, there's no way he'd be with the Giants this afternoon." I think that pretty much sums it up. I would have preferred signing Mark Brunell to be the backup, but Sorgi is a decent one year insurance policy. The fact is that if whoever they signed ends up playing a lot next year, it's going to be a disappointing season.

Remember all the hand-wringing over Eli Manning becoming the highest paid QB in the NFL last year? Well, don't expect that to last too long, with Peyton, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees all nearing the end of their current contracts. This is just the current cycle of the NFL - every top QB who gets a new contract is going to become the highest paid. It's similar to how baseball contracts kept escalating in the late 90's, until A-Rod signed his mega deal and teams realized they needed to calm down a bit.

Finally, in light of Ben Roethlisberger's recent troubles, Gary Myers argues that the Giants made the correct choice on draft day in 2004. It's hard to argue with him. Big Ben has two rings, but he's had three major off-field incidents which have, at the very least, brought embarrassment to himself and the Steelers organization. If the allegations are true he's done even worse than that. Eli has had almost as much on-field success as Big Ben, and the way he carries himself off the field in almost unparalleled in the NFL. I was an Eli doubter early in his career, but I've been fully converted and find myself perfectly content that he will be the Giants quarterback for most of the next decade.