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10 questions with D.J. Ware

New York Giants running back D.J. Ware is all over the Inter-Google with his own Facebook, Twitter and Web pages. And, while lots of athletes have those Ware actually uses his on a regular basis.

Today, Ware is actually here as well. Follow the jump for 10 questions with the Giants running back/social media maven.

And you can catch more of Ware Thursday night when he joins Patricia Traina of Inside Football and myself on Blog Talk Radio for 'New York Giants Talk' at 8 p.m. ET. Not sure we will be taking calls, but if you have a question about Ware or anything Giants related e-mail it to me at (subject line "Blog Talk Radio') or use the chat function when you listen to the show.

Now, on with the Q&A.

Big Blue View: You said last season that you knew there was an opportunity there for you to become a regular part of the backfield rotation. It looked like you had earned that chance when the season started, but the year did not turn out that way. How disappointing was the season for you, personally?

DJ Ware: It was just frustrating because I worked so hard. To go out the first game and first kickoff, and have to sit out eight weeks was frustrating. You can’t dwell on the past, though, so I don’t look back on it as disappointing. I look back on it as motivation.

BBV: Toward the end of the season, head coach Tom Coughlin seemed to question your work ethic. Here is what he said. "To be honest with you, in special teams when he was back, he didn’t do much. He didn’t provide us with a lot.... we are trying to make him understand a lot of things about consistency and about what our expectation levels are, no matter what spot we are in. And hopefully he is going to learn that." What is your reaction to that?

Ware: I will listen to what [he] wants from me. To last in this league you have to do things you’ve never done before. It helps you to learn and grow. It’s part of the territory.

BBV: I know you were hoping 2009 would be your breakout season. You are still only 25, however. Do you still feel like you can be the next Ryan Grant or Derrick Ward? A guy who becomes a big-time back after a few seasons of relative obscurity?

Ware: Yes, I really do. If it doesn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to happen but I’m a great running back and I have great attributes to contribute as a play maker, so I think it will happen.

BBV: Give us a glimpse into your off-season schedule. What is a day or a week like? I'm particularly interested in your workout regimen.

Ware: You can check out my videos at I share exclusive videos with my fans about my workout. But, in terms of a general overview for a Monday, which is a lower body day…I come in at 9:30 bike, jump rope, stretch, lunges, do vertical jumps, and take a hot tub. Get running in for about 30-45 mins.

BBV: You are all over the Internet, with Facebook, Twitter and writing blog posts at your Web site. What are you hoping to accomplish with all that?

Ware: To give as many fans as possible a chance to get to know me with the helmet off you know. I love sharing myself with my fans. People want to grow up and become athletes, so I want them to be able to see the dedication and hard work it’s going to take to get there.

BBV: What's the deal with the cooking videos? You consider yourself a good cook?

Ware: I consider myself to be like Chef BoyarDJ. I believe I can cook anything if I have the right spices, herbs and seasonings.

BBV: Right now your primary competition for playing time would appear to be Andre Brown and Gartrell Johnson. We don't know yet if the Giants will draft anyone or bring in a free agent. Can you give me scouting reports on the strengths and weakness of those two guys?

Ware: Andre is just young and doesn’t know the offense that well yet, but he is very talented and a great guy. Gartrell is young and understands concepts but just has a little way to go in terms of making major decisions during game time. He is a hard-nosed running back, though, who loves contact.

BBV: Last season was disappointing for the team as a whole, missing the playoffs. The inability of the running game to live up to what it had done the past few seasons was part of that. Your thoughts on why the running game was not as successful in 2009 as it had been in previous seasons?

Ware: I don’t think it was bad. In terms of statistics, we weren’t that far off. Defense is just putting more guys in the box than they were because they didn’t expect our WRs to be so good. Next year, we’re going to work on opening that back up like we should.

BBV: Is there something you bring to the table that you think separates you from all the other backs the Giants currently have?

Ware: A lot of energy and enthusiasm. But we’re all like brothers and I think we all bring a lot to the table.

BBV: In all the years you have been playing, high school, college, pro, whatever do you have an absolute favorite moment on the football field?

Ware: I’d say my touchdown against Minnesota last year because we were losing and it was my first regular-season touchdown and it took a lot of fight and stretching to get down there.