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Mock Draft Monday, 03/01/10

Good evening, Giants fans. As the NFL moves past the combines, draft coverage around the world wide web will be kicking into high gear (slackers: we here at Big Blue View have been in high gear since the Giants unceremonious end to the season), and because of that, we'll be running a Mock Draft Monday from here until the NFL Draft. The mock drafts that I've been tracking have seen very few changes over the past month and a half, but expect that to change by next week, as the combine results are analyzed and players shoot up (or down) the draft boards.

DT Brian Price of UCLA remains the most popular target for the Giants, as predicted by Mocking the Draft, Walter Football, & Raul Colon of FF Toolbox. I haven't been following the combines too closely (like Ed I believe they're mostly worthless and are actually a conspiracy by 31 owners to ensure that Al Davis wastes his pick on draft day), so other than this information that he outperformed Ndamokong Suh & Gerald McCoy in the bench press, I'm not sure how his stock has been affected. I will be interested to see if he's still the most popular choice for the Giants in the coming weeks.

Everybody's favorite set of hair/draft analyst, Mel Kiper Jr., has come out with his second mock draft, and he has the Giants taking OLB Sergio Kindle from Texas. Kiper, who had the Giants taking Florida DE Carlos Dunlap in his first mock, describes this as a "need pick" and says that "Kindle will need to overcome size issues." Not sure I like the sound of that, although Kindle does have a pretty cool name.

Draft Ace has the Giants taking DE Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech. They give an apt description of the problem for the Giants in this draft: "Their primary need (linebacker) is arguably the weakest position in the draft. Other than Rolando McClain, there isn't a slam dunk 1st-round pick and certainly not one clearly worthy of the 15th selection."

Finally, for those of you who are interested, Walter Football has actually done mock 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds as well. They have the Giants taking S Chad Jones of LSU in the 2nd, RB Anthony Dixon of Mississippi St. in the 3rd, and LB Sean Lee of Penn St. in the 4th (in addition to Brian Price in the first).