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A pleasant Super Bowl memory

Former Giants quarterback-turned-TV broadcaster Phil Simms spent some time this week talking about his MVP performance in Super Bowl XXI. I'm sure thinking about it and listening to Simms discuss it will bring a smile to your face.

Speaking to the folks at, Simms revealed even more about what that championship has meant to his life.

"Well, I'm glad it happened," Simms said of his splendid championship game. "It changed my life, no doubt about it. But I didn't realize that I didn't know it when I was doing it, when I got done playing. It took me a long time afterward to see all the things that have come because of that game. It would have been hard for me to be the lead announcer at any network if I didn't win the Super Bowl."

Simms believes he would have traveled a much different path had the Giants lost or not played in Super Bowl XXI. "I would have been coaching football," Simms said. "I'd have gotten a head job, maybe two by now, and I would have been fired twice. I'd be really bitter."

Interesting stuff.