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Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

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Don't believe Will Beatty is enough of a beast to be the New York Giants' left tackle of the future? How about Bruce Campbell, a 6-foot-7, 310-pounder out of the University of Maryland?

There are two reasons we are going to talk about Campbell today in our continuing series of prospect profiles of players who may interest the Giants on Draft Weekend.

  1. It's never a bad idea to collect monsters on the offensive line, especially guys who are considered natural left tackles.
  2. Hey, Campbell is from my alma mater. We are going to spend at least one post discussing SOMEBODY from Maryland.

From everything I have seen on the mock draft boards and rating systems, Campbell is a guy who should be available at No. 15. Shoot, the way things go with the draft he might be available in the second round. You just never know.

This is a direction I don't really expect the Giants to go in. I think there will be attractive players available who might fill more pressing needs than Campbell. I also think the Giants might prefer Idaho's Mike Iupati if they were to select a lineman in Round 1.

Still, Campbell is worth talking about. It is really, really difficult to pass up guys who could be franchise left tackles. Besides, I'm sitting here with my red Maryland shirt on and I feel like writing about the guy. So, that's what I'm doing.

Bruce Campbell Scouting Reports

Here is the word on Campbell from SB Nation's fine draft blog, Mocking The Draft.

Campbell is one of the most intriguing players in this year’s draft. He’s an incredible athlete for an offensive lineman and a natural left tackle. His quickness, upper body strength and size make him ready for the NFL right now, even though he came out following his junior season.

Campbell’s an attractive talent because he’s shown he can handle a man and zone scheme. This could give him the advantage over other early entrants Bryan Bulaga and Anthony Davis, who are almost strictly man blockers.

Where Campbell gets negative points is in his inconsistent technique, which could give a line coach fits. Campbell also has a growing history of injuries. Missed time in 2009 with turf toe and an injury to his medial collateral ligament. Campbell started only 17 games in his career, which is a big red flag. Campbell may define the term "boom or bust prospect."

Walter Football absolutely loves Campbell's potential.

Consider Bruce Campbell the Jason Smith of the 2010 NFL Draft class. His stock will be soaring through the roof once we get to the Combine, however, he is more of a natural pass protector than Smith. With more experience, he could become a Pro Bowl left tackle at the next level. Of course, you have to consider his long list of injuries, but he'll likely be taken in the top 16 picks.

Draft Board Insider sees Campbell as a huge risk-reward type player.

Campbell has a ton of potential and more upside than any tackle in the draft. BUT ... Any team that chooses to draft him will have to weigh out if the risk is worth the potential that Campbell has shown.

ESPN Insider has a nice piece on Campbell, in which it details that he profiles as an elite run blocker.

He is an intriguing name to watch. And I will never complain if the Giants take a guy from my alma mater -- even if I am glad Darrius Heyward-Bey ended up in Oakland last season.

Why Campbell fits with the Giants

Because he has "more upside than any tackle in the draft," that's why. Those players are just not easy to come by. We know that, among several other things, it is also time for the Giants to continue addressing adding quality young players to their offensive line. How about Campbell and Beatty, one of last season's second-round picks, book-ending the line for the next 6-8 years? If Campbell is the real deal you would think that scenario would make Eli Manning pretty comfy in the pocket for the next several seasons.

Why the Giants should pass

Because these are not the Giants of the past couple of seasons. They just went 8-8, they have some obvious holes and they cannot afford to miss with this pick. Campbell might end up being a great player, and teams who pass on him might wish they hadn't. But, reports indicate a really high risk factor with the guy. At least in the first round the Giants are likely to have 'safer' choices.

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