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Jerry Reese drops some knowledge about the Giants' plan for 2010

New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese spoke to the media Saturday at the NFL Scouting Combine. Mike Garafolo has a pair of reports on Reese's remarks.

MG has some of JR's thoughts on free agency. He also has JR talking about lots of other things. Read both reports -- they are very enlightening.

Here are the five biggest things I learned.

  1. The Giants will give Will Beatty every opportunity to win the left tackle job in training camp. And that may not be the only change on the offensive line. Said Reese: "We think Beatty has a left-tackle skill set. ... There will be some competition at that left tackle spot for us."
  2. Rocky Bernard has joined the Giants 'Torn Labrum Society,' recently undergoing surgery for his. There were whispers last season that Bernard was playing with an undisclosed injury. He joins Justin Tuck and Madison Hedgecock in having played through that injury. Knowing that now, I'm inclined to cut Bernard more slack for his disappointing 2009.
  3. Reese and the Giants will not be afraid to spend in free agency -- especially for defensive help.Said Reese "I think there are some holes we need to fill ... we’re still going to try to go out and fill some spots."
  4. Safety Michael Johnson is clearly in jeopardy of losing his job. Said Reese: "He has to play better. For a young guy you think is ascending, he has to play better and we expect him to play better."
  5. Reese is planning to proceed through the off-season as though Kenny Phillips cannot be counted on in 2010.