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New York Giants notes: Coughlin addresses Osi's unhappiness

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Tom Coughlin is 100% right in what he said Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine while addressing Osi Umenyiora's demand to be a starter in 2010.

"I don’t know how you do that," the Giants’ coach said. "Our field is the field, and competition is good. It’s like we tell everybody: go earn it."

"I just reassured Osi our expectations for him were very high. He’s an integral part of our plans and of our defensive football team," Coughlin said, adding: "Osi is a big part of our team and the word ‘team’ is critical to me."

EXACTLY!! This is the point I have been trying to drive home about Umenyiora the entire off-season, including in my tongue-in-cheek post on Friday.

Quit talking. Quit asking for a job to be handed to you because of your past. Recognize the fact that you did not play as well as you can in 2009. No one on the defense did, to be honest. Go do something about it on the field.

Coughlin was also right on target in calling out Umenyiora for taking his gripes to the press.

"It should start with me; he should come in and talk to me, which he did do, and we had a good talk but that’s where it’ll stop."

Some of you think I am hating on Osi. I'm not. I'm asking the guy to be realistic.

Look at how you make a living. Do you get to keep your job if you "used to" be good at it? Maybe if you are a tenured educator, or you own your own business, but for most of us the answer is no. We have to earn our paychecks week in and week out by continuing to be productive. That is what I am asking Umenyiora to do.

It's simple. Osi needs to stop saying he should have a starting job because of what in 2005, 2006 or 2007. It is 2010, Osi. He needs to go out on the field and prove to people he is still the player he says he is.

Other notes
  • Mike Garafolo was all over Coughlin's presser Friday. Not only did he have the Osi stuff. He has posts here and here giving you almost every word TC uttered in Indianapolis. Great stuff from the great MG.
  • Patricia Traina of Inside Football has the complete rundown on Giants RFA tenders. Say goodbye to Kevin Dockery.
  • The Indianapolis Colts did not tag star middle linebacker Gary Brackett, who would be a great fit in the Giants blue uniform. The Colts do, however, plan on making every effort to sign Brackett to a long-term deal.
  • Speaking of free agents, it sounds like the Chicago Bears will make a run at Antrel Rolle.
  • Finally, Ernie Palladino says the odds of the Super Bowl coming to New Jersey in 2014 have improved a little.