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New York Giants notes: Alford, Westbrook, other stuff

A few notes relating to our New York Giants for you on a Friday morning.

  • First, I hope you either listened in or have had a chance to hear the podcast of Thursday night's 'New York Giants Talk' I co-hosted with Patricia Traina of Inside Football. If you haven't, you can listen to the podcast at Blog Talk Radio.
  • Nice story the other day by Michael Eisen of about re-habbing defensive tackle Jay Alford. The Giants really missed Alford in 2009, and he missed them.

    "When football is your life, basically, and when it gets taken away, you have no life," Alford said recently in the locker room at the Timex Performance Center, where he continues to work out regularly. "I missed everything about football - the locker room atmosphere, getting close to your teammates, practicing, games - all of it. When it's not there anymore, it's stinks.

    "I haven't been so bored in my life than I was last season. I'm definitely looking forward to this year, because you just miss it, you miss it a lot. I'm definitely looking forward to getting back on the field."
  • Former Philadelphia star Brian Westbrook would look strange in a Giants uniform. He is, however, open to the possibility.

    "At this point I am not sure where I will be at," Westbrook said on 97.5 in Philadelphia. "But I would be willing to go to any team that would have me, any team in search of a championship."
  • ESPN's Matt Mosley recently assessed the draft needs of all of the NFC East teams. No surprises in his assessment of the Giants.
  • The National Football Post reported Thursday that the Miami Dolphins are prepared to spend big money on free-agent middle linebacker Karlos Dansby. That would probably be bad news for the Giants.
  • Want a good explanation of the various drill used at the NFL Scouting Combine, and what scouts and GMs hope to learn from them? At, Mike Mayock has narrated a series of videos aimed at helping you understand just that. I still hate the Combine, but I did find them fascinating.
  • Speaking of the Combine, Dave Goldberg of AOL Fanhouse reference ex-Giant William Joseph in agreeing with my point that teams rely too much on Combine workouts.