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New York Giants notes: Andre Brown 'running at full speed'

In discussing New York Giants running backs, the future of Andre Brown, currently recovering from Achilles Tendon surgery, has often been a topic of conversation. How well Brown, a fourth-round pick a year ago, will come back is a valid question.

Brown's agent, Hadley Engelhard told me Monday that Brown is recovering nicely.

"His recovery is coming along great. He is running at full speed and should be ready for mini camp/OTA's."

Sounds like good news, but remember that part of Engelhard's job is to promote Brown. He is going to paint Brown in a favorable light no matter what.

Hopefully, Brown will be on the field during mini-camp in May. We will have to wait and see, but I know from first-hand experience that full recovery from Achilles surgery takes nine months to a year. The real test will come in the exhibition season when we see what kind of explosiveness Brown has when he has to plant and cut on that foot.

Brown was impressive during training camp last August. It is incredibly difficult to judge backs in camp because defenders are not allowed to tackle them. But, you could see that Brown had ability, and that he was pushing D.J.Ware for the third running back slot.

If he comes back as the same player, the Giants might not have to worry about the running back position.

Free Agent updates

A couple of updates as we move closer to March 5, when teams can begin signing free agents.

The San Diego Chargers have released LaDainian Tomlinson, and I would be stunned if the Giants had any interest. ... As expected, the New England Patriots have placed the franchise tag on defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. ... The New Orleans Saints will not franchise veteran safety Darren Sharper. Even though he will be 35, and the Giants do not usually go for the veteran free agents with a year or so of productivity left, Sharper might get their attention if he does hit the market.

Scouting Combine notes

Via Mocking The Draft, comes a tremendous line from Peter King about the NFL Scouting Combine.

"Guys go to the Scouting Combine and they change their grade on a player based on things that have nothing to do with playing football. I'm convinced if you took the stopwatches away from a lot of these guys, most of 'em would not be able to tell you whether they liked a player or not."

That is exactly why I hate the Scouting Combine. The "measurables" that GMs and scouts love so much can tell you what kind of an athlete a guy is. They can't tell you a darn thing about what kind of football player he is.

Tim Tebow won't throw at the Combine because he is apparently revamping his mechanics. I don't know about you, but I am praying Jacksonville, picking eighth, takes Tebow because they feel they need the marketing boost. Oh, and if Al Davis falls in love with Taylor Mays athleticism that would work, too. That means more players the Giants really want available to choose from.

Other notes

Buffalo apparently hopes to sign restricted free agent safety George Wilson to a contract extension. That would be a shame from the Giants perspective as Wilson is a player who might interest them, having played for Perry Fewell in 2009.