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Numbers say Pro Bowl a success

I know nobody really cares about the Pro Bowl, and that it is a meaningless event. But, probably since I was there, I found this tidbit from the National Football Post interesting.

12.3 million viewers tuned in to the NFL’s annual all-star game on ESPN this past Sunday night, the most since 2000, according to the Associated Press. Last year’s Pro Bowl on NBC drew just 8.8 million viewers, which is 40 percent less than what the game brought in this season.

In addition, Sunday night’s attendance at Sun Life Stadium was reported to be 70,697, the most for a Pro Bowl since 1959 when the game was held in Los Angeles.

All I know for sure is that there was palpable interest in the event around South Florida, and that people who otherwise would not have been able to attend had a chance to be there. The game, though, goes back to Hawaii next season.

So, my quick question is this. Should the NFL keep the Pro Bowl on the mainland? Should they cancel the game altogether because it is meaningless? Should they leave it in Hawaii for the glorified vacation? Or, do you simply not care what they do because you pay no attention to the event?