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View of the market for free agent defensive tackles

Free agency begins next month, well before the NFL Draft, and what happens there will have a huge impact on how the draft plays out.

So, let's begin taking a real look at who could be available when free agency opens March 5.

Many of the defensive tackles who look like they might be available are 3-4 nose tackle types. The big name on the board right now is Richard Seymour of Oakland, though the Raiders might be expected to take him off the market soon by using the franchise tag. Silver and Black Pride has been debating the wisdom of that for a couple of days.

Seymour is 30, and might not be quite the same player he was in his New England Patriots glory days. If he does hit the open market he might also be looking for a big contract.

Should the Giants take a big run at Seymour if he is available? I would be leery of handing him a huge contract, but from what I can see he is just about the only impact defensive tackle who fits the Giants' 4-3 scheme. Getting out of Oakland and to a team like the Giants might rejuvenate Seymour.

By the way, don't even try to convince me the Giants should go after Vince Wolfork. He's a 3-4 nose tackle, and he isn't getting out of New England, anyway.

There are lists and bios of available free agents at both Walter Football and Football's Future. Truth be told, if Seymour isn't available there really isn't anyone on that list who really appeals to me at all.

How about you? Anyone else on those lists -- at defensive tackle only, for now -- you think could help the Giants in 2010?

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