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Handicapping the Dansby Derby

Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post Monday took a look at the four teams Arizona Cardinals free-agent linebacker Karlos Dansby has expressed interest in playing for and handicapped the field.

His conclusion? If the New York Giants really want Dansby plugging the middle of their defense in 2010 they have a pretty good shot at making it happen.

The Giants spent a ton of money last year in free agency, and their committed cash expense is high for 2010, so I can see them signing a player like Dansby -- but it will have to be the right deal. My sense of the Giants this free agency period is that they’ll shop for bargains along with making deals that fit their budget. Team owner John Mara has complained about player costs, so he would look bad if the Giants were overly aggressive in free agency.

So who gets Dansby? My money would be on the Giants or Dolphins, but don’t rule out a sleeper team like the Patriots, who could use more speed on defense. One thing’s for sure when it comes to those three teams -- they all seem to share a passion for the same players, especially on defense.

Are you guys in favor of General Manager Jerry Reese making a run at Dansby? I'm not exactly drooling over the thought of Dansby as the Giants middle linebacker, but I don't hate the idea either. He is a good player, not a great one.

If Reese and the Giants don't have to break the bank to nab Dansby I guess I would be OK with it. He would be an upgrade over what they currently have, I just can't get excited about spending huge money for him when there are likely to be other alternatives.