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Mock Draft Monday, 2/15

There was no "Mock Draft Monday" post last week due to Snowmageddon 2010 knocking my internet out of commission for a few days - if you think snow is bad in New York, try living in the DC Metro area when it snows. I don't think Saudi Arabia is as unprepared for snow as DC is.

Not too much was missed, however, as none of the mock drafts I linked to in my last entry have changed who they think the Giants will take over the past two weeks. The consensus amongst those seems to be that the Giants will be taking Brian Price, the DT out of UCLA. Walter Football, Football's Future, & Mocking the Draft all have the Giants taking Price, as does the newly released mock draft from Todd McShay at ESPN (insiders only.)

Draft Tek still has the Giants taking safety Earl Thomas from Texas, and DraftAce still has them taking LB Sean Witherspoon from Missouri. If it came down to those two players, I would definitely prefer to draft Thomas with the 15th pick and try to get a linebacker in the second or third rounds.

FFToolbox had a number of mock drafts from different writers which had by far the most variety in terms of the Giants' pick:

Ben Standig joins the Brian Price chorus.

Randall Weida has the Giants taking RB CJ Spiller from Clemson. A lively debate about Spiller has been brewing on BBV over the past few days, and I want to throw my hat in with FreeBradshaw: if Spiller is available and the Giants think he's the BPA, I'd love for them to take him. I know the defense was a mess last year, but the run game wasn't what it was in 2008, and the return game was pretty terrible. Spiller is a force in the run game, the passing game, and both the kick and punt return game. I think the overall focus of the draft should be on defense, but Spiller might be the guy who will have the biggest total impact of any player coming out this year, and I would love to see him on the Giants.

Joel Weiser: Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland. I don't hate this pick, but I don't love it, either. Honestly, the only positions the Giants shouldn't be targeting in this draft are QB and WR, so if they believe Campbell or any other OL is the BPA @ pick 15, I hope they take him.

Forrest Long: Joe Haden, CB, Florida. Another pick I'd be happy with. You can't argue with the Giants targeting the secondary in this draft, and Haden's the best corner out there.

Raul Colon: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee. This mock actually hasn't been updated since we last linked to it, but I figured I'd offer it for balance, since it's the only mock that has the Giants taking Williams, mostly b/c he has Price going in the top 10.

Ricky Dimon: Jerry Hughes, LB, TCU. This is the first I've heard of Hughes being connected to the Giants, or being mentioned anywhere near the top half of the first round for that matter. Mocking the Draft's scouting report on Hughes says he will be "a good value pick for a 3-4 team in the second round." Not sure that sounds like the type of guy a 4-3 defense should be drafting with the 15th pick in the first round.