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Daily NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

We began our series of BFL Draft Prospect Profiles by looking at UCLA defensive tackle Brian Price. Today, let's look at another highly-regarded defensive tackle who should be off the board within the first two rounds of the April draft.

Dan Williams of Tennessee.

At 6-foot-3, 327 pounds Williams is a massive, yet athletic run-stuffing defensive tackle. By reputation, a guy who can play 4-3 tackle or 3-4 nose and demand a double team in either scheme. The biggest question about Williams is motivation, as his inconsistent effort is the biggest question mark about him.

'Football Scientist' KC Joyner is doing a Draft Lab series for ESPN, and referred to Williams as "the most inconsistent player I have reviewed."

In the end, though, Joyner concluded "Williams may be a high-maintenance coaching project but the on-field upside is tremendous and makes it worth the effort."

Let's take a closer look at a player who might provide a big upgrade over what the Giants had at the tackle position in 2009.

Dan Williams Scouting Reports

Here is SB Nation's Mocking The Draft lauding Williams' talents.

Can play in any scheme on the inside. Has the girth and strength to be double teamed inside as a 3-4 nose tackle, but can also shoot the A gaps in the 4-3. His versatility will boost his grade as any team looking for interior defensive line help will have him high on their board. ..

Williams has arguably given a bigger boost to his stock than any senior in the country this season. In a strong class of defensive tackles, Williams could break his way in to the first round because of his NFL-ready ability to stuff the run. The impact that Terrance Knighton has had on the Jaguars defensive line will only help Williams here. While his motor can be questioned, it is obvious he has put in a lot of time to molding his body in to ideal shape for a run stuffer. If he can be put in to a healthy rotation up front, his impact will be felt early and often.

Here is Draft Countdown discussing the obvious talent, and the apparent risks, in drafting Williams.

Excellent bulk --- Good quickness and athleticism --- Fantastic brute strength --- Great range --- Does a terrific job in pursuit --- Outstanding run defender --- Stout at the point of attack --- Able to take on and occupy multiple blockers. ...

Extremely inconsistent --- Effort / Motor runs hot and cold --- Will not offer much as a pass rusher. ...

Improved his draft stock as much as any prospect in the country this past season --- Could project to nose tackle in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme --- The type whose true value can't always be measured by looking at the stat sheet --- Talented prospect who can be as good as he wants to be but shaky intangibles are a big concern --- Showed what an impact player he is capable of being at times as a senior but the key will be keeping him in shape and motivated --- Boom or Bust.

Why Williams fits with the Giants

Do I really have to explain it at this point? In many ways he is exactly what the Giants have been missing in the middle of the defensive line. A run-stuffing force who can command a double team and allow the middle linebacker behind him an opportunity to run free and make plays. New defensive coordinator Perry Fewell comes with a reputation as a motivator, so you would think he could get through to Williams.

Why the Giants should pass

Inconsistent effort is always something to be concerned about. We saw plenty of inconsistent, or non-existent, effort at the end of last season. If there are concerns about Williams taking plays, or games, off then I say look in another direction.

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