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AP is gone, now who will follow?

firing squad

Antonio Pierce is no longer a New York Giant. We expected as much, so we can't say it's a surprise.

Pierce was an outstanding player for the Giants for several seasons, and as much as we loved to criticize him his last season or so we all need to remember that. He was a key part of a Super Bowl-winning team, and should always be remembered fondly.

Mike Garafolo had a pair of excellent posts on Pierce Wednesday. One on his release. Another on his plans to continue playing.

Speculation on where Pierce ends up has already begun. SB Nation bloggers for the St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders (yes, Oakland, the team AP trashed during the season) are already discussing adding Pierce to their teams.

I wish Pierce well, but his time had come and gone in New York. Now that the Giants have begun the deconstruction of last season's disappointing 8-8 team, who else will be joining AP in looking for work? I think it is pretty safe to assume that the 2010 roster, especially on defense, will look a lot different than the 2009 one.

Here are eight guys I think have little to no shot at being back with the Giants in 2010. Let's call them the Erasable Eight. I am not going to bother explaining why each guy is on the list -- I think we have already done enough of that.

  • C.C. Brown
  • Sinorice Moss
  • Danny Clark
  • Gerris Wilkinson
  • Fred Robbins
  • Rocky Bernard
  • Guy Whimper
  • Kevin Dockery

There are probably a couple of other guys who should be added to this list. But, I have to admit that I really liked the sound of 'Erasable Eight,' so I didn't even try to go any farther than that. Feel free to add or subtract whoever you want.

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