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Pro Bowl notes

Enjoyed my Pro Bowl weekend experience in South Florida, even if there were a few snafus along the way. Shoot, I was in shorts and t-shirt weather along the ocean instead of freezing my butt in 5 degree weather in upstate New York. Who can complain about that? Thanks to the NFL Network Marketing Department.

Just a handful of notes from the game.

  • Steve Smith's touchdown catch was a thing of beauty. Even if the defensive back did not compete real hard for the ball -- he didn't compete at all -- Smith still made a terrific sprawling catch of an Aaron Rodgers' throw for a 48-yard touchdown.
  • It was kind of cool to see three Giants side-by-side on the offensive line. For much of the game Shaun O'Hara, Chris Snee and David Diehl were on the field together.
  • The highlight of the night had nothing to do with the game. Saw, and participated in, the longest-running 'Wave' I have ever witnessed. It started slowly and then built until it wrapped, with incredible participation, around the stadium a half-dozen times. Yes, a half-dozen times.
  • The Bethune Cookman University marching bad, which performed at halftime, is absolutely incredible. They were more fun to watch the game itself.
  • For that matter, so were the mascots. In particular, the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot. The dude had people focusing on him and not the cheerleaders, he was that good.
  • The stadium was nearly full when the game started. Nearly empty by the fourth quarter.