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A chat with Chris Snee

I had the opportunity to talk with Giants Pro Bowl guard Chris Snee following Pro Bowl practice Saturday in Fort Lauderdale.

It was a really quick three-minute conversation while walking off the Lockhart Stadium field, and the questions I was able to get in during that time were pretty much standard fare. But, I had Snee to myself during our brief chat and he was friendly and pretty thoughtful. Here is our conversation.

Q: You enjoying the experience this week?

Snee: Yeah, it's fun. You know it's a little bit shorter week. The temperature is a lot, much improved from what it's been in Jersey so I was all over the opportunity. You can lay on the beach and just have fun.

Q: A little bit disappointing for you that you guys aren't still playing? That you're not down here for a different reason?

Snee: Yeah, that was our mindset going into camp is that we wanted to be in Miami as a team for the Super Bowl. Fell way short of that, and not even making the playoffs is something new to probably most of the guys on the team. It's only the second time in my six years I haven't been in 'em myself. Not a good feeling but hopefully that just fuels us more when we report in March.

Q: Can you put your finger on any reason for 5-0 start and 3-8 finish?

Snee: I've been asked that question numerous times, and honestly every guy in that locker room has thought about and tried to put their finger on one thing and you know it's just we were so inconsistent. It's unexplainable how you can play well and then go down and play well. Within the last five games I mean you pointed out the first five, but big win against Dallas and then lose to Philly and then a big win against Washington and lose the last two so you know, it's inexcusable.

Q: One of the things that was inconsistent that I need to ask you about as a lineman, and you've probably been asked this before is the running game. Put your finger on any reason why you guys maybe didn't run the ball as well this year?

Snee: We'll look at it more when we break down the cut-ups in the spring, but just came down to not executing the way we last year. I think maybe it was just one guy breaking down on a particular play. I think this year we had more negative gains, negative yardage than I've seen in a long time.

Q: Teams play you differently this year?

Snee: I don't think so. You know, we've always been a power running team. That's always been the emphasis -- to stop our run -- so I don't think that really changed. I think just we have to do a better job upfront -- o-line, tight ends and backs. I'm sure that will be emphasized when we report.