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Perry Fewell, 12.09.10

Q: Is it more difficult to prepare because you're not sure who is going to play quarterback on Sunday? Do you have to prepare for both guys?
A: Yeah, it is. It's more difficult for us as coaches just from a planning standpoint. The offense will remain the same. We know that, but then you have Favre and then you have Jackson and they're two different styles, so which style do you practice and prepare for? You have to practice and prepare for both.

Q: Do you just take some plays in practice for one and some plays for the other?
A: Yeah. That's what you try to do. You try to divide your practice up where you have the Favre style and you have the Jackson style of what you may see.

Q: Jason Pierre-Paul - what has happened to him over the last few weeks where he has seemed to come along very rapidly?
A: I said this during the course of the season, but we've been spoon-feeding him because he hasn't played a lot of football and we do a lot of things defensively and so for him to recall and execute and function at a high level, it's taken him just a little bit of time but he has been playing consistent football for us. Now it's becoming natural for him and he's executing much better and he doesn't have to think about his assignments as much and so as a result, you're seeing the production.

Q: When you spoon-feed a defensive player do you just give him a few situations rather than the whole thing?
A: Yes. Exactly.

Q: Do you sense from your players that there is something to prove this week after last year's performance in Minnesota?
A: No. Their focus has just been on really winning a football game up in Minnesota. It's been about more us than what happened then and so I'm probably the wrong person to answer that question because I haven't even brought that subject up. Our focus has just been on preparation for what we're going to face on Sunday.

Q: Do you talk about rankings with your team or does that matter to you much?
A: No. I really don't discuss it very much with the defensive players or even with the defensive staff either because what matters is the wins. I discuss the wins. I think that if we do the things that we're supposed to do, if we accomplish our goals and objectives, then all those things come together and as a result you'll be ranked high in the National Football League.

Q: What have you liked the most about the consistency of your defense and the improvements they have made when they had to?
A: I like their mentality as far as when we've had to stand up and rise up at times and we've had to play some tough, consistent football and I think we've done that. Would I like to play tougher and more consistent football? Obviously. Yes. I would like to have some plays back that I've called, et cetera, but I really like our guys' mentality - they've shown, they haven't flinched, they've shown good focus and they've shown determination and I like the way they fight.

Q: Have you seen any notable changes schematically to the Vikings offense since Leslie Frazier came in and Brad Childress moved out?
A: I think that they've gone and run the football more. I don't think the offense has really changed, but I think they've put an emphasis on the run game, they've handed ‘28' the ball and it's working and I think that that's probably the biggest change that I see in the offense.

Q: How has Jonathan Goff done this year in coverage?
A: Jonathan has played pretty solid. He didn't play as well two weeks ago, I think it was against Jacksonville and both he and I - I said something to him and he said, ‘Yeah, that wasn't my best game,' and I said, ‘Well, let's get you back on track.' Jon has been very consistent for us. He plays about 35 to 45 plays a ball game and that's hitting right in stride because he plays special teams also for us. He's a very detailed and assignment-oriented guy, so when he comes off like that it's really good for us.

Q: Have you been surprised by it?
A: I'm not surprised. We're fortunate to have a guy like Michael Boley, who is a little bit more athletic, but we're not afraid to play Jonathan in the nickel situations. As a matter of fact, we play him as the mike linebacker versus three wides sometimes, so no, it doesn't surprise me because Jonathan is very conscientious and when you have a guy that puts his heart and really studies and that type of thing, he's going to do what he's supposed to do. He'll come up to you in practice like, ‘If number two does this, do I do this?' He really takes it all in. He has a great mentality as far as that's concerned.

Q: You've faced Chris Johnson and some other top backs. Where does Adrian Peterson fit in?
A: That's not a fair question! Which poison do you want? You know, just watching him on He's something special. He can go in the C gap hole and then all of the sudden he's not there, he's in the D gap hole and then he's gone. It's tough to say which one you want to coach against, Chris Johnson or Peterson, but they're both special guys. They've got all my respect and they've got our attention.

Q: Is there any part of you that doesn't expect to see Brett Favre?
A: No. I expect to see Brett Favre. He's answered the bell every time. There is no reason for him not to answer the bell unless he just can't do it. Brett has always answered the bell.

Q: Basically you roll the dice based on 298 starts?
A: Yeah. You've got to play the percentage and I'm saying he's going to answer the bell.

Q: What happened in the five games prior to Buffalo when Peterson didn't put up as many yards?
A: I don't think that they really emphasized - I've watched some of the games, I don't watch all of the games - but when I say they don't emphasize, it seems like they threw the ball around a lot more than they did last week and I think they just said we're going to hand this guy the ball and let him go. Against Washington they handed him the ball and let him go and he got dinged. I think he got 100 against Washington if I'm not mistaken, but he got the ankle injury and I think he got over 100 against Buffalo. Coach Frazier took over at that point in time and I think Coach Frazier said to hand this guy the ball more.

Q: So it wasn't that he was being stopped?
A: No. If I can see where people are stopping him, I want to copy them!