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Tom Coughlin, 12.09.10

Q: What is the situation with Ahmad Bradshaw?
A: He is practicing. He is fine. He has a sore wrist, but he will work his way through that.

Q: He will play?
A: I think so, yeah.

Q: Did it happen during the game?
A: Yeah.

Q: Special teams has obviously picked up recently. What would you attribute that to?
A: The opportunity to work together. There is some pride coming forth in the unit. I think the other day we did a good job, for example. Our kickoff coverage has been pretty good for quite some time. We did a good job with the placement of the ball and the coverage was good. We didn't get hurt by a very good return man. It seems as though every game we play there is someone back there that can ruin the game for you. So they do have to step up and play well. And the kicking part of it has to be done, and then of course the coverage part.

Q: What about the new blood?
A: It has helped. We have got more speed and guys are doing a pretty good job of that. Michael Coe has done a good job.

Q: Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith both worked again today. There were no setbacks from yesterday?
A: No setbacks, no. We are calling them limited, but they are working their way back.

Q: So they are on track?
A: They are on track.

Q: What about Shawn Andrews?
A: He is not ready yet but he is better - he is getting better.

Q: Are you surprised by Nicks' progression?
A: No.

Q: Is he ahead of schedule?
A: I think he is, but he has been --- he wants to play. So he is doing everything that he can to get out there.

Q: I'm assuming that the doctors gave him good news last night and he checked out okay?
A: The doctor did. Yeah, the doctor said that he could go ahead and resume duty.

Q: Will he be full or on limited?
A: We'll see. We are calling it limited.

Q: Are you anxious to get everybody back considering what is at stake and where you are heading?
A: It would be good to get as many as we can back. The one thing that you worry about when people have missed time is, ‘how fast are they going to get up to speed again?' And that is the something that is a concern. But you can't get to where you want to be unless you get started again. And that is the good part about this week. And the good part about last week is Steve did get some work last week as well.

Q: Any concern - David Diehl has missed a lot of time.
A: He is getting a lot of good work with speed right here as he goes.

Q: What do you expect from him in spite of the missed time since he knows what he is doing, because he has been at that position and has played against this player before. Do you think that will help?
A: That will help him make up the ground. But the speed of the game is going to be another new experience for at least a little bit.

Q: Did Shaun O'Hara come through yesterday okay?
A: He did, yeah.

Q: I know Aaron Ross isn't on the injury report this week, but did you ever figure out what exactly was bothering him?
A: No. They checked all of the tests - they didn't think there was anything that would keep him from going. He did have a few days - quite a few days, maybe a week of - intestinal what he thought was stomach pain, and then ended up that the doctors thought it was more of a strain in the back area. And that is what they called it. But he seems to be doing okay.

Q: His pain is gone?
A: Yes.

Q: With Bradshaw, what exactly happened and when did you guys find out about it?
A: Through the course of the game. He has some swelling there and some discomfort. He has played with so many different things - being a problem for him that really we figured he would come though and be ready to go. And yesterday he was - that and his normal wear and tear, we figured it would be best just to hold him yesterday.

Q: He has been a good third-and-one option, third-and-short option this year. What makes you confident in him in that situation?
A: He is powerful. He normally - it takes more than more. He will get you more yardage after the first contact. He will get you yardage. He is a good goal line runner as well, he really is. He is a powerful guy.

Q: He obviously has security issues. Will the wrist affect that at all?
A: Well, we hope not. He has another hand.

Q: Was he full today?

A: Yes. I think we listed him as full.