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Jeremy Shockey Can't Resist Jab At New York

Bashing former New York Gian tight end and current New Orleans Saint Jeremy Shockey got old around here a long time ago. Even though there is plenty of time and distance, and a Super Bowl ring, between Shockey and the Giants he can't seem to resist a jab at the Big Apple whenever possible.

Shockey did a radio interview on 790 The Zone in Atlanta the other day, and you can see the transcript courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews. I will just pass along the shot Shockey took at New York, which came when he was asked about what it meant to bring a championship to New Orleans.

"Yeah you know, people in New York, they’re a little spoiled. They’ve got the Yankees, they’ve got the Jets, the Giants, Knicks they’ve got everyone. And there’s been championships that have come in and out of that city a lot, historically wise I’m saying. Historically, New Orleans has never won a championship and there have been some tough times in this area. It comes from bad politicians, to hurricanes to oil spills. So anytime you make them forget about the hurt and the bad times and put a smile on their face, it makes us feel good as people. Obviously being a part of the Saints is a great experience just to make people feel happy, and let them get through their day a little bit easier, you know?"

I'm glad Shockey's happy in New Orleans, and I didn't write this to bash him. Right now we have other things to worry about. It's just amazing to me that three years later he still can't let go of his ill will toward the Giants.

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