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New York Giants Notes: Cavalry Is Coming Edition

It looks like the New York Giants will be getting some reinforcements for Sunday's critical game in Minnesota against the Vikings. Offensive lineman David Diehl, and wide receivers Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks all practiced Wednesday and expect to play.

"Getting guys back is huge," Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said. "The guys that we lost early in the year were some big losses. Getting them back now is very big for the team. Some of the guys that we’re getting back are guys that we really need."

A giddy Smith told reporters that practicing Wednesday was "like the best day of my life football-wise." Nicks did some running and took a handful of reps. He then told the media "My mentality is if I’m practicing, I’m playing. Go hard out there in practice and hopefully they let me play. I’m pretty sure I will."

In the other bit of relevant injury news, the Giants don't seem worried about Ahmad Bradshaw skipping practice Wednesday with an apparent wrist injury.

Giants president John Mara seemed a little surprised by the controversy he created by allowing the Miami Dolphins to use the team's indoor practice facility Friday and Saturday in preparation for Sunday's game at New Meadowlands Stadium against the New York Jets.

"To me it was a common courtesy to another NFL team, and I would expect the same courtesy if we were in that situation and wanted to practice somewhere," Mara said.

What is the big deal about this, anyway? Are the Dolphins going to learn Jets secrets by practicing in the Giants facility? Is it hurting the Giants? No. The Dolphins won't use the outdoor fields or the Giants locker room, they will just come in and use the indoor practice facility. What's the fuss?

Apparently, writing stories about the brilliance of Giants GM Jerry Reese is the thing to do this week. The New York Post has now joined us here at Big Blue View, our friends at ESPN New York and Lord knows who else in praising JR. Please don't go over to the Post and start shredding Paul Schwartz just because I did the Reese piece before the beat guys. It just means you get what you need about the Giants right here. is out with its Week 14 playoff projections. Like just about everyone else on the planet SI has come up with the amazing theory that the Giants really need to beat the Vikings this week. Unlike a lot of other prognosticators, however, SI's Dom Bonvissuto actually has faith that the Giants will end up in the playoffs.

Rather than a whole post about the Pro Football Focus numbers from Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins, here is a quick summary.

  • Offense: Best -- Derek Hagan (+2.7), Brandon Jacobs (+2.6), Rich Seubert (+2.5), Kareem McKenzie (+2.3). Worst -- William Beatty (-1.2), Mario Manningham (-2.0). Beatty's blocking actually scored very well, but he was -2.6 in the penalty category.
  • Defense: Best -- Terrell Thomas (+2.3), Corey Webster (+1.8), Jason Pierre-Paul (+1.7 in 36 snaps). Worst -- Antrel Rolle (-3.9).
  • Special Teams: Devin Thomas was +2.5

Since the Giants are playing the Vikings this week I have to share the video below. I hope I'm not the only New Yorker who finds this hilarious.