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The Giants Are Getting Healthier? Seriously, It's True

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Could it be? Really? Seriously? This isn't an April Fool's joke? Some sort of Grinch Christmas trick? Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that almost all of the injured New York Giants -- at least the ones still eligible to play -- were on the field at practice today.

Left tackle David Diehl (hamstring), center Shaun O’Hara (foot) and receiver Steve Smith (pec) are all out on the practice field with the Giants today. O’Hara and Smith are expected to be limited, but Tom Coughlin said "I’m trying not to consider any kind of limitations" for Diehl."

It’s only Wednesday, though, so it’s hard to say what this will all mean for the Giants’ game in Minnesota on Sunday. Diehl has already vowed to play, but a lot will depend on how his partially torn hamstring responds to an increased workload. Smith believes his status will depend on his ability to play through pain.

O’Hara seems to have less of a chance to play, but Coughlin expects his workload to increase gradually through the week.

Meanwhile, WR Hakeem Nicks (leg) will do individual drills today and will be re-evaluated by team doctors tonight. T Shawn Andrews (back) "feels better," Coughlin said, and will do some running on the side. KR/PR Will Blackmon (chest/head) is still limited in what he’s allowed to do.

Wow! Good injury news. Now, let's see how many of these guys are actually ready to play come Sunday.