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Tom Coughlin, Post-Game Transcript

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We got the win. Obviously we're happy about that. To keep pace with the eighth win, to get to 2-2 in the division - those things were very important. We tried to have four solid quarters, not sure we got it as solid as we would have liked it. I thought the first half was good. We had the turnover, but we got one right back and put it in the end zone and that helped. We were a little bit slow getting started in the second half but defensively we got rolling and the turnovers were a big part of the second half, obviously, to go plus-four. The two running backs did outstanding. Our running game was good for quite some time. They did a good job of getting the safeties down in the box - they were doing it in the beginning of the game and we made some plays with them down there and then towards the end in the second half they did a nice job of just filling all the gaps up in there and there wasn't a lot of room to run. Devin Thomas with the blocked punt - I'm happy for him, for him to have that opportunity and come through like that. Good team win for us. We added to our two core goals - the goal of playing solid, trying to get four solid quarters in, winning the physical battle and winning the turnover battle and I was glad that we were able to do that today.

Q: How important is it to get two good games in a row?
A: Well it's the time. It's December in the National Football League - it's the time. If you're going to have an opportunity to get into position, it's now. So, we're trying to improve as we play. We can improve on this day. We've got to continue to - many, many big games coming up down the stretch, so getting better each week, playing better in the games, play stronger, being physical - all those things are important.

Q: Anything wrong with Jacobs?
A: No.

Q: Jason Pierre-Paul had two sacks last week and two sacks today.
A: He's coming along. You're seeing his athleticism, he's comfortable I think assignment-wise, he's getting out there, getting lined up and you're seeing the natural ability start to come through. He also had some tipped balls, some blocked balls, and I thought on the go screen on the outside to Cooley it looked like he could have caught the ball. His hands came up and the ball kind of went through his hands, but he's having fun playing, he's learning as he goes and as I said, he's starting to really play well.

Q: Was the game plan to run?
A: It was.

Q: What did you see out of Brandon?
A: He played well. He played powerful, he broke some tackles, he established really a sound foundation for us as far as rushing the ball and as I said, he ran though some tackles and we had some nice holes for him. The last touchdown run of his was very good. They had at least nine guys down and we got an outstanding block at the point of attack with the safety penetrating from Bear Pascoe and then Brandon made one guy miss and then I think someone hit his legs and he still stayed up.

Q: Hagan had a good game today.
A: Each week he gets a little bit better and he did come through with some big passes, some big completions today.

Q: Talk about your patchwork offensive line and the job they've done.
A: Well it has, but I think there is a lot of pride up there. They've done a good job. Eli certainly has contributed; we've done a pretty good job pass protection over the last five games - the backs, the tight ends, the offensive front. We rushed the ball today. We needed to and that was a good thing, but this is a group with a lot of pride and the timing of Boothe and Beatty being available, coming back when we lost other guys even though right away they had to play and I wouldn't necessarily go that way if I was to have to choose, but I didn't. They had to go and they're getting better too every week.

Q: Are you going to Hagan because of what he's done or because of Manningham?
A: Well, I mean, you saw the game. There was coverage directed the other way and he was the guy that the ball would go to.

Q: Why did you go so heavy on Ahmad in the second half? A strategic reason?
A: Not really.

Q: Was the wind a factor?
A: It was. There was no question. It was the first time we've had wind in our stadium and it was probably 15 mph and the interesting thing about it was that both ends from the 30 in you could feel it, but in the middle of the field it didn't seem too bad, whether there was a crossing pattern to the wind, but it probably was a factor, but I thought that both teams really did a pretty good job of handling it.

Q: As weather becomes more of a factor, does it increase the importance of the run?
A: It always has and it always will.

Q: Is this the most you've had to use two and three tight end sets? What does that do to the overall offense?
A: Well, it's a run-oriented, play action-oriented personnel grouping and we've done a pretty good job with it. A lot of times people will match personnel for personnel and you'll get an extra linebacker - that didn't really happen today. But we try to scheme the running game from the multiple tight end sets as well as being able to substitute an extra offensive lineman into the game. Meredith came into the game and played that spot today.

Q: Eli's interception in the end zone - was the wind a factor there?

A: No. I don't think so. I think there were two factors there: I think they brought the safety off the edge, he did see him right away, he did know that he had to get the ball out of his hands quickly, I don't think that he saw the defender come back across underneath. Normally he puts it up real high - it was up high, but evidently the defender was able to jump up and get it and the only thing that saved that was we did get the turnover and got right back down there.