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Giants' Player Quotes, Post-Game, 12.05.10

Jason Pierre-Paul on sacks and defensive performance today:

I guess you can say all of that hard work is finally paying off. Coaches tell me, "Just go out there and make plays." That is what I was able to do today. We wanted to get after McNabb today. And I think we did a really good job doing that. We brought a lot of pressure and I felt we had a complete game today versus their run and pass. We were also able to force a lot of turnovers. And that is the name of our game. We would have liked to have had the shutout, but they are going to make plays, too. And we did walk away with a pretty convincing win.

Q: Did you have a moment where you said to yourself that you're ready to break out?
A: It was probably about two weeks ago. Coach said that I need to be the star of the game and I said "I'll try." Last week, I came out and had two sacks and I said that I was going to keep ballin'.

Q: Did you start thinking at some point this week that you were going to have a big game today?
A: It started on Wednesday, and Coach put in some different packages. Coach told me to come out and execute, and sometimes I'm at D-Tackle and other times I'm at the end. Wherever they put me, I'm going to try to make a play.

Chris Canty
on today's game:

Of course when we watch film, we are going to see that there are still some areas that need improvement, but that is what good teams need to do down the stretch. Good teams re-evaluate themselves even after a win. We recognize how important the turnover battle is, especially after last week. We want to continue with that. I also thought we played real physical today. And that is the way we want to play. We knew it was an NFC East game - a rivalry game, and we knew we had to play four quarters from the start. We knew we had to execute down the stretch.

Bear Pascoe on today's game:

I thought we did a pretty good job out there today. We were very consistent in all phases of the game. It is that time of year when guys are starting to gel together, and it is important that we start playing that way at this time of the season. Last week we didn't start off fast, but this week we came out and scored on our first drive. This week we had it in our mind to come out fast and score points and keep scoring points. I think we played a solid four quarters of football today. I thought we were very well balanced today, offensively. Even though it was windy, I thought our pass game was sharp. We made some big plays when we needed to. The offensive line did a great job and our two running backs ran possessed. The offensive line takes a lot of pride in being able to run the ball. Anytime you get that many yards on the ground, you have to be pretty pleased with what they did.

Keith Bulluck on today's game:

The Redskins have a lot of talent. But I felt we had a great game plan that enabled us to play well against the run and the pass. They made a couple of plays here and there, but for the most part we were able to keep them under control. We would have liked to have the shutout, but we will definitely take the win.

Q: You guys really seemed to gel out there today:
A: Give or take a few plays on defense, I think we played really sound all day on defense. It just says that we have the makings of a very, very good team. People have been seeing flashes all year, we just need to have that consistency.

Q: Talk about that fumble recovery, look liked you could have scored:
A: I scooped it, and maybe somebody - I just fell man, I'll blame it on myself. I don't know what was going on. I know I picked it up clean and I just started to run, but my momentum carried me forward. I have a handful of NFL touchdowns off scoops, but that was the first time that had ever happened to me.

Devin Thomas on blocked punt:

It felt good and I knew I had an opportunity to get in there and make a play. I got my hand out there and got a piece of the ball. It was a huge play because their backs were against the wall - we were able to capitalize on that play and walked away with some points. I thought we did a pretty good job against Banks today, because he is an electrifying runner. I thought we did a good job of containing him today and not letting him break any big ones - because he can be a game-breaker. Coach was talking about it all week - that we needed to have a complete game on all sides of the ball. I thought we played all four quarters hard and almost to perfection. And that is what we strived for, and I think we did a great job.

Aaron Ross on today's game:

Coach had a great game plan to get after McNabb today. I thought we put a lot of pressure on their offense today. We completely stopped their run and slowed down their passing game. All week we worked on trying to create turnovers. And whatever we worked on in practice - it definitely worked out for us today. We had a great week of practice - offensively and defensively and also on special teams. Like I said, we came in and executed all of our plays on both sides of the ball, which enabled us to have a great victory today.

Derek Hagan on today's game:

It feels great to be able to contribute the way I did today. All of the hard work is paying off working with Eli. I knew sooner or later the ball was going to be coming my way. And you just have to go out and make those plays. You have to give a lot of credit to the offensive line for giving Eli all of that time. They give Eli time enough to let him put the ball in the air, which enables us to go out there and go get it. We know we can run the ball, and we know we can pass the ball. And I thought today we had a very well balanced attack. We have a lot of guys who can go out there and make plays. Even though we have some injuries, the guys that were out there were still able to get it done today. With the balanced attack that we had today, defenses just can't pay attention to one phase of the game. They have to be aware of both. The wind wasn't really a factor today. Once the ball was in the air, our job was to go get it.


Q: How long after being re-signed did it to take to get comfortable again and get everything back?
A: Play wise, that was easy. It was knocking a little rust like running certain routes. When you're out there training on your own, there are some things you're just not doing. Obviously just knocking some rust off was the main thing and now I'm out there running around and trying to make plays.

Q: Were you expecting to be the go-to receiver this week?
A: I think it all comes down to the scheme of the game, whether we're running or throwing the ball it really doesn't matter. Last week, we were running the ball great and we didn't need to put it in the air that much. Also today, we ran the ball well and the safeties kept coming down in the box and that opened some stuff up for us. We were able to go out there and make plays.


Q: Talk about your unit's effort today on defense?
A: We needed to come out and make up for what happened in the first half of last week. They're a good football team, but we were just the better team today.

Q: You like the aggressiveness from the get-go today then?
A: Yeah, it was necessary. It was just a good game and overall a much needed victory for us.

Q: What is it like to force five turnovers as a unit against your division rivals?
A: We needed it. We needed to force turnovers in order to win this game. It was an outstanding effort by us today.


Q: What does a five turnover outing and blowing out a division rival mean to you?
A: A win. It's an important win for us, and a very dominating win on our part, four quarters of football again. I'm proud to say that we're back on track. We have a tough matchup against Minnesota next week and then Philly, but we're taking it one game at a time. We're 2-2 in the division.

Q: Talk about that pick in the end zone that really doomed the Redskins:
A: They got one, and we had to get one back. Our defense is our strong point. They made a good play against Eli, and we just wanted to get the ball back. I was able to make a play for our defense and it was big. We went down there and scored the next drive. It got the momentum back in our favor.


Q: Did you take it upon yourself to go out there and set the tone for the run game?
A: We did. Me and Ahmad talked all week and we knew that it was going to be cold. A lot of people don't like to tackle in the cold. We just had to come out, go downhill, no dodging, come right down the hill and whoever is in the way is going to feel it.

Q: Your first 100-yard game since 2008, what made today different?
A: Just coming out and reading what I had to read, making a lot of one-cut runs. Taking what the defense would give to me.

Q: How much did it pump you up to have a dominant first half as an offense, and watch the defense take over in the second half?
A: I take a lot of joy out of watching it. I like to see guys around me succeed. I like to see the defense succeed and make plays. It was how we won this game. There are always going to be four or five plays in every game that decide who will win or lose the game, and we were able to get those plays.

Q: Do you like when you guys are used as a one-two kind of thing like today?
A: It's great. It's great when both of us are used because teams find it kind of hard to make that adjustment so fast when you have me then Ahmad or Ahmad then me. Teams can't make that adjustment fast enough.


Q: How important was getting a fast start on Washington?
A: It was so important. We have been waiting on this all year. We needed a great drive downfield the first drive of the game. We were enthusiastic before the game to do this, and it helped a lot.

Q: How do you think you and Brandon did as a one-two punch today?
A: He's a great back. He had eight for 103. He deserves it. The o-line gets all the credit from both of us, they did a great job up front. It's well deserved.

Q: Talk about getting 1,000 yards on the season:
A: It's a dream. To have 1,000 yards in the NFL is a big dream.

Q: Is today the perfect example of how you envision this two-back system to work?
A: With our styles, it goes both ways and they kind of complement each other. He did a great job today to open it up, and when I got in there, I just ran it in hard.

Q: What does this two-game win streak and the turnaround after being 6-4 say about this team?
A: We're confident. We have a lot of confidence on both sides of the ball. Even our special teams is playing great. If we keep the three phases of the ball going good, we'll be alright.