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Justin Tuck, Post-Game, 12.05.10

Q: On the defense feeding off the offense today.

A: Our offense did a great job of coming out and giving us that cushion to begin with. It was 14-0 and we had only played three plays on defense. That's something we've been preaching all week and in the locker room before the game. We wanted to start fast regardless of who was up first, and it just so happened that the offense was up first and they go down and they score. We get a stop on defense and they go down and they score. We had another opportunity to go down and score again. We really fed off it, especially how they ran the ball and how physical the line was and how hard Brandon and Ahmad ran today.

Q: Jason Pierre-Paul's game today and his progression overall.

A: I taught that guy everything I know. He's starting to listen. We kind of gave him a hard time three weeks ago because he didn't have any sacks, and I was asking him, for you being the 15th pick, we have really gotten our investment out of you. And he's responded. Four sacks in two games and he's all over the place. Even when he's not sacking quarterbacks, he's in their face. He's deflecting passes, he picked up a fumble, the guy is really playing well. You can tell how much he's listened and how much he wants it. You can tell he wants it. He's there an hour before the game, going over the playbook with the coaches and making sure he has every bit of the gameplan down, and it's benefitting for him.

Q: How much do you appreciate new players coming in on offense and keeping the Giants alive until the offense gets healthy?

A: You have to. A lot of kudos go to guys that come in in the middle of the season; they don't know the offense, they just kind of plug in - I don't know how many catches Hagan had today but he just seemed like he's been here all year. Clayton, Thomas, all those guys. I've never been in that position so I don't know, but I can imagine that it's tough coming into a new system and being thrown into the fire, right now you've got to perform and they have. Give Eli a lot of credit too because he's done a great job of coaching them up through the week. And like you said, hopefully we can get some guys back in the next week, but the reason we are still in this race is because a lot of guys have been thrown into the fire and have really stepped up.

Q: Did you say anything to the new offensive players that have come in?

A: Oh, definitely. No question. I told Devin after the plays he made on special teams, "How in the world did we get you?" I guess you give Jerry Reese a lot of credit too for going out and getting guys that can fit this system in a hurry-up mode. Like I said, the reason we are still in this race is because a lot of guys like that have really stepped up and given us great play.