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Giants 31, Redskins 7

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Well, that was fun to watch. It's always nice to get a complete game from every phase, and the Giants did that today. Of course, they had plenty of help from the Redskins, who turned the ball over a whopping six times, and could have lost two more fumbles. Finally, finally, finally the Giants scored a touchdown on their opening possession, and their running game set the tone early with three rushing touchdowns in the first half. Brandon Jacobs finished with 103 yards on just 8 carries and two TDs, looking like the Jacobs we know and love; while Ahmad Bradshaw was the workhorse with 25 carries for 97 yards and two more scores. The (once again makeshift) offensive line did not allow a sack of Eli Manning for the fifth straight game, and led the way in the rushing attack.

On defense, the Giants were very effective with pressure and and forcing turnovers. Jason Pierre-Paul was brilliant again, with two sacks, a fumble recovery and a pass deflected. There were a few lapses on the defensive side which almost let the 'Skins back into the game, but it seemed like every time that happened, the Redskins coughed up the ball. It's always nice to see that happen in our favor. And Matt Dodge even looked pretty good, with a 44.7 yard average and keeping the ball mostly away from Brandon Banks; while the kick coverage was decent as well. All in all, a very satisfying win that has the Giants tied with the Eagles for the NFC East lead. So let's savor it for a bit.