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New York Giants Notes: Injury Updates

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Before you all sit down to watch college football today or head off to begin whittling down that Christmas list, let's look at a few items of interest to New York Giants fans.

Injury Update: T Shawn Andrews, CB/RS Will Blackmon, WR Hakeem Nicks and C Shaun O’Hara are out for Sunday. T David Diehl and WR Steve Smith are doubtful after practicing on a limited basis the past few days. CB Brian Jackson, CB Aaron Ross and DE Osi Umenyiora are probable.

Do not expect to see Smith or Diehl in uniform this weekend.

I am utterly amazed by the fact that the Giants -- yes, the Tom Quinn-coached Giants special teams -- are third in the league in kickoff coverage, surrendering just 19.9 yards per return. The Giants face a challenge from Washington's Brandon Banks, who averages 27 yards per return (5th in the league). Banks also averages 11.3 yards per punt return.

"They count on field position with him," said Giants coach Tom Coughlin.

New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers took Antrel Rolle to task, not only for his inappropriate comments this week, but for talking way too freely ever since he came to the Giants.

Antrel Rolle has been a very good addition to the Giants' secondary this season, but if he doesn't develop a filter between his brain and his mouth, he's going to talk his way right out of town.

Rolle has been on, well, quite a roll in his first season with the Giants. He says what comes to mind, which you may have noticed by now. He needs to wake up and realize he's no longer in laid-back Arizona, where he spent the first four years of his career.

The more Rolle talks, the deeper the hole his tongue digs.

I am no fan of Myers, but I have to agree with him. It's time for someone in the Giants organization to sit Rolle down and shut him up.