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How Would You Configure The Offensive Line Sunday?

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All week long we have focused on what will happen to Tom Coughlin and the coaching staff after Sunday's game. Let's turn the discussion to a real football issue, since Sunday's outcome could wind up putting the Giants into the playoffs despite their horrific meltdown in the last five quarters.

Thought I might do that on New Year's Eve by tossing out a question. It's pretty obvious that Shaun O'Hara is not playing and Rich Seubert will move back to center. So, would you rather see Kevin Boothe at left guard and David Diehl at left tackle, or Diehl moved inside with Shawn Andrews manning left tackle? Or, maybe Will Beatty at left tackle with Diehl inside?

Coughlin has refused to answer that question this week, basically telling anyone who asks that they will have to wait until Sunday to find out.

Vote in the poll. Oh, and be careful if you are out and about tonight.