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Afternoon Update: Will Giants Watch Scoreboard on Sunday?

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Being that the Giants and Packers play at the same time Sunday, the question was raised more than once on Thursday afternoon about whether or not the Giants would be watching the scoreboard, or just worried about themselves. Well, of course they only have to worry about themselves first, because if they lose, they are going home regardless. Then again, it's only natural to hope the Bears give it all they have and try to beat Green Bay as well. Here are some of the responses to questions about this very subject:

Tom Coughlin: All we can do - I have been asked that question and other questions relative to, "What do you feel about the way the playoff situation is?" But my only concern is with this game and us playing the Washington Redskins really. We would certainly hope that Chicago would go all out for the win. Our experience has been that that is the way to go. We have to take care of our game. There is no greater example than taking care of your own business than on Tuesday night.

David Diehl: No, the most important thing is that I'm sitting there thinking to myself that we want to score a touchdown every drive, regardless of the situation. You can't get caught up in the scoreboard stuff.

Kevin Gilbride: My hands are full just keeping track of what we're doing and trying to see what they're doing defensively and what adjustments we have to make, so I'll look when the game is over and we've taken care of our side of the equation.

Justin Tuck: I don't worry about what Chicago does. I don't know. If you need an answer to that question, I guess you could say that it's good karma. We played our starters in '07.

Meanwhile, Perry Fewell was asked if it intrigued him that the Vikings used the same defensive game plan that he devised against Michael Vick:

Q: Do you find it interesting that the Vikings kind of used your plan as a blueprint against the Eagles on Tuesday?
A: I did find it interesting. I did.

Q: It also means that it could work if you ever got the chance again?
A: Yes it could. It can work and it will work if we get back to it, no doubt. I look forward to that.

Q: How much is that potential for a rematch in the back of your mind?
A: Let's just win this weekend and then I'd love to answer that question next week.