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David Diehl, 12.30.10

Q: So we're going to see some more shuffling of the line this week?
A: Yeah, it all depends on whether Shaun (O'Hara) is going to be able to go or not. Just like always, it's going to be a game time decision. As of right now, I've been playing left guard in practice.

Q: What happened to the running game the past two weeks?
A: No, it's something that has to be the strength to the offense, to open up things. Regardless of what the situation is, you have to make it work and you have to make it happen. This is going to be one of those games that the run game is going to be crucial. It's a division rival, and a team that is familiar with our schemes and what we do. They're very similar to what we've played before, and they're playing with a lot more energy. I think that you can see that they're playing with more confidence and they're understanding the concepts of things. I can remember in 2004 when Coach Coughlin first got here, towards the end of the season things start clicking. You start getting used to the offense or defense. You start getting more comfortable with the guys around you. Right now, they have some injuries amongst the defense but you're seeing guys that are playing on their team that are playing hard and hungry because they're looking to make a name for themselves and they're trying to make the Washington team for the following year. This is a game that's going to be a 60-minute fight, and this is a game that is going to come down to who wants it more and who's going to get more physical and get the job done.

Q: How concerned do you have to be that they can play with total reckless abandon because they don't have anything to lose?
A: This is a team that has kind of done those things the last couple of weeks. They've blitzed a lot more. You see a lot of different things, whether they're having guys stand up, defensive linemen, with their radar and they're moving around. We have played Coach Haslett's type of defense before, so this is something that they might have something different. They might have something that they're going to try and throw at you. Sometimes pressure can mean big plays for you, as long as everybody is on the same page and picks it up. This is one of the weeks that we're really studying hard and really watching film and prepared for whatever comes out there because regardless of what they do, we need to get the job done.

Q: You guys won the battle and really beat their defensive tackles. Is that something that helps you going into this?
A: I think so. I think you have a little bit of confidence going in watching the film and seeing different things, but obviously they're going to watch the whole film. They're going to see what the type of adjustments they need to make are, see if there is different things that they can do to expose things, but on the same page we're going to do some different things just to try and change it up. Like I said, this is a familiar foe, one you play twice a year. They're going to pick up tendencies just like we are on their defense. It's going to be one of those games where it's a chess match. Regardless of what situation and whatever happens, you have to bounce back and be ready for the next series to make the corrections, especially on the road. The best defense on the road is your offense. Maintaining the line of scrimmage, taking care of the time of possession, and keeping momentum on your side. This is one of those games where it's going to be a fist fight, and with Giants-Redskins, this is a rivalry that started a long, long time ago. Not only is this an important game, but it's about pride and New York Giant pride.

Q: What happened against the Packers last week up front?
A: They played a better football game than us. This is a new week, and we get a chance to do something about it. That's the thing. Last week was last week, but this is a time where you have to throw all that stuff out. You have to throw it out and make sure you come Sunday prepared to play at four o'clock because this is a team on the other side that's not only as hungry to get a win and end out their season the right way, they're fighting to keep their jobs. It's no different for here. If we don't take care of business, this is our last game of the season. Whoever is out there on the field, our guys, we have to saddle up and make sure we play all of this one and do whatever we can to get out of there with a win, and give ourselves a chance to get into the playoffs. That's the overall goal, and that's why we've worked since last March to give ourselves an opportunity to still win the Super Bowl. That opportunity is not gone as long as we take care of our business and do our jobs.

Q: Do you do any scoreboard watching during the game?
A: No, the most important thing is that I'm sitting there thinking to myself that we want to score a touchdown every drive, regardless of the situation. You can't get caught up in the scoreboard stuff.

Q: Hard to be optimistic though?
A: No, it's a whole different week. Last week has no bearing on this week. There is nothing we can do to fix last week, and nothing we can do to change last week. We can fix things as long as we come out here like we have the last two days and work extremely hard at practice and make sure we're watching as much film to give ourselves the best opportunity to win this football game.