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Tom Coughlin, 12.30.10

Q: What do you know about Brian Witherspoon?
A: We worked him out a couple - three weeks ago. He worked out very well. He is very quick and fast. He will be a nice addition.

Q: Special teams?
A: Special teams, at corner; that type of thing.

Q: Michael Clayton and DevinThomas, they haven't really had a chance to show you anything on offense on the field on Sundays. Do you expect that to be different this week?
A: I do, yeah. I do. They are in the mix. They are practicing, they are involved. So hopefully they will certainly show what they can do this weekend.

Q: Are they fully integrated?
A: I think so, yeah.

Q: You have had so many different line combinations this year. Is there any sort of different personality when, let's say, Kevin Boothe is at left guard or when Shawn Andrews is at left tackle? We can look at the numbers, but is there a different nature?
A: I don't think so. It is the personality of the individual. When Richie is in the middle he is stirring it up all the time. And I think that is a very positive thing. The other guys, quite frankly, are grinding to make sure that their assignments are accurate all of the time. Boothie is real sharp. And he does have the ability to tell other people exactly what to do. I think all of those guys are very good at coaching one another - talking to each about what they see and what they like and what they didn't like. And I think that is a positive.

Q: When you look at this week, do you think we will see David Diehl at tackle and Boothe at guard? Or will we see Andrews at tackle and Diehl at guard?
A: You will have to wait and see on that one.

Q: Is there a concern about Andrews' back holding up through a whole game?
A: I don't think so. This is kind of a routine that we went through once before and built up. And so he has had some build up time. Hopefully, if he does have that opportunity then he will be able to go the whole game.

Q: Do you get a sense with the injury situation at wide receiver that the running backs and offensive line are looking at it and saying, "It's on us."
A: Well, they know exactly how they are going to be relied upon, yes. Again, it is balance for us. And we did have a real good running day the first time we played them. And so I think the balance is still what we are after. But, yeah, we would need to be able to count on being able to make some yards on the ground.

Q: Those guys talked about fronts from Green Bay that just forced you to throw the ball. Does it just get to the point where, no matter what you see, you are going to have to run it?
A: I remember the run, the first time around, that Brandon Jacobs broke a couple of tackles. There were a lot of folks around the ball that day, too. Sometimes the runner has to take the extra guy out. If you can get some power momentum going you can still make four or five. So you just have to keep pounding away. And of course, there are plays in the offense, in the run game, that are designed to be all right with the eight-man front. So that is where you have to go.

Q: Are you worried about Corey Webster?
A: I think he will make it. I wish he would have practiced today. Hopefully he will practice tomorrow.

Q: Any update on Shaun O'Hara?
A: No, really nothing there.

Q: You talked about on Sunday, with those guys and the one-on-one matchups - they didn't cover well. How disappointing is that, knowing how well they had played in the past?
A: I can't just isolate that. There was a lot of disappointment.

Q: The news out of Chicago yesterday is that Coach Smith is going to play all of his starters and the Bears want to get a win in Green Bay. Do you read that and feel anything?
A: All we can do - I have been asked that question and other questions relative to, "What do you feel about the way the playoff situation is?" But my only concern is with this game and us playing the Washington Redskins really. We would certainly hope that Chicago would go all out for the win. Our experience has been that that is the way to go. We have to take care of our game. There is no greater example than taking care of your own business than on Tuesday night.

Q: Richie Seubert told us yesterday that after winning the game, the second most important thing that he wants to see is the Giants being really physical.
A: Yeah, that is what we need to be. That is supposedly what we are. And for whatever reason it wasn't that way the other day. For us to play the way we are built and the way we are capable of playing, we have to win the line of scrimmage.

Q: What do you see? Do you see guys being thrown around?

A: No, I just see us getting knocked back. You have to penetrate. You have to drive people back off the ball. Your leverage people on the outside have got to knock people back off the ball. You have to have a place to run. You have got to feel like you are in control of the line of scrimmage - whether it be the front seven, whether it be the front eight. I don't care how many we have got down there - just be more physical.