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Kevin Gilbride, 12.30.10

Q: A couple guys mentioned that Green Bay showed you some fronts that forced you to throw the ball. Do you think this week you're just going to have to run anyway?
A: Yeah, I'm not really sure what they're referring to because they didn't really show us anything that we hadn't seen or prepared for.

Q: Shaun O'Hara said the Manningham touchdown was a diamond front.
A: Yeah, but we had expected that and that's why I called that play. It's just an eight-man front that we had actually gone to a couple of runs, but that one we knew we had one-on-ones and we were going to take advantage of it.

Q: You're playing musical chairs again this week on the offensive line?
A: Maybe in a few spots - offensive line, receiver, who knows? But we've had to do it before and we've shown the capacity to adjust and the guys have stepped up and done what we needed to do to get a win, so we certainly look forward to them doing the same thing this week.

Q: Do you have to get yourself up for a game when you've kind of lost control of your own destiny?
A: Nah. To me, if you're a competitor - I play ping pong with my brother and I'm competitive, I want to win, I'm going to do anything that I can, so I think that the nature of the beast, the fact that these guys have made it this far to be professional athletes, there is a tremendous competitive spirit within all of them, so it wouldn't matter where or when or what was at stake, you're going to go out and play your very best just for pride alone. The fact that we can get a 10-win season makes it all the more appealing and the fact that even though it's not as guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination, there is still the chance that we could get in, so that in and of itself is enough motivation.

Q: O'Hara was saying that he wasn't his best the last two weeks. How much does that hurt your running game?
A: A lot of guys are banged up and trying and he's, I think, very courageous to try to compete for us. I think that's the love and affection he has for the team, he wanted to go out and give it a shot and do whatever he could to help us win and there's a lot of guys like that on our team and that's what has made them a special group and a group you're proud to be a part of.

Q: But when he's going up against Raji and not 100%...
A: It's tough. It's a tough challenge and it's a tough challenge for anybody on the best of days and when you're not 100% it makes it that much more difficult.

Q: Can getting Rich Seubert back in that spot help things?
A: We'll see.

Q: Any other reasons for why the running game hasn't been there the past two weeks?
A: You're playing against good teams, teams that are committed to stopping the run and do a good job with their blitz package, got some outstanding defensive players over there - a combination of a lot of different things.

Q: The two games where you didn't have Hakeem Nicks or Steve Smith, you ran the ball well. Did you do anything differently?
A: No. We actually had a lot of big passes in the Washington game last time to Derek Hagan which set up the run and enabled us to run, so I think that you look at both of those and even Philly, where we threw four touchdown passes, a lot of those things work hand in hand. I think that the opportunities are going to be there for us to run, we just have to do as good of a job as I think we're capable of and I anticipate us responding to the challenge of losing a few more guys and the importance of being consistent in the run game.

Q: How frustrating have these turnovers been?
A: Well, it hurts all of us. You've got to go out and play smart football and I think that when you realize that it's easy to get swept up into the way that the game is flowing and feeling like you've got to match them and so you sometimes step outside of yourself and you can't do that. You've got to just stay with it and what the play allows you to do on that particular call and just keep battling and scratching and hope you can just stay close and maybe you get a mistake by them sooner or later and all of the sudden you turn around and win a game that maybe no one thought you could win.

Q: We've seen the slow start and adjustment from you guys before. Did you have a sense that it was going in that direction?
A: Yeah, I did. We tied it, 14-14, and then they came right back and jumped up again, 21-14, and then they kicked the field goal, we kicked a field goal, and then they came and scored a touchdown again. We moved it, but you have the fumble, you have the picks, and on and on, and it's too much to overcome unfortunately.

Q: Is there a common thread in the two games where the run has struggled?
A: No. Two different opponents, two different styles of defense, so it was just two teams that have quality defensive players and are very physical and also very committed to stopping the run and they've done that against a lot of people, not just us, so more than anything it's the quality of the opponent and the commitment by the defensive scheme.

Q: What has changed defensively with the Redskins since the last time you've played them?
A: They've committed a lot more to a defensive posture of pressure. They really are coming after you. They've always been a blitzing team since Haslett has been there, but they're even more so and it looks like they're playing with great energy and great passion, which has really heightened the ability that they do have, so you combine the effort with the scheme and they've become a very formidable opponent. If you look at them on film, they're very impressive.

Q: Do you scoreboard watch a little during this game?
A: My hands are full just keeping track of what we're doing and trying to see what they're doing defensively and what adjustments we have to make, so I'll look when the game is over and we've taken care of our side of the equation.