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Justin Tuck, 12.30.10

Q: How is Rex Grossman different from Donovan McNabb and how do you prepare?
A: His arm isn't as strong as McNabb's, but he's still a quality quarterback. They've gotten away from a lot of the things they did when McNabb was there. They were running the ball better. That definitely takes a lot of pressure off the quarterback. The biggest difference I've seen in this football team is they're just playing hard. They've definitely had what they call distractions down there. I think they consider themselves getting rid of the distractions. I think the team has responded.

Q: Will you be looking at the scoreboard to see how Green Bay is doing?
A: I won't look at it. It's at the same time we play. To me, score watching isn't going to help our cause at all. I have to be focused on winning the football game, and that's all that matters for us. If we don't win, we don't have a shot.

Q: When will you know on Sunday if the Giants are right and doing what they're supposed to be doing?
A: If you'd have asked me that question with nine minutes to go in the Philly game, I would have said we're playing the best football we've played all year. I think, to answer your question, we won't know until that clock is triple zeros in the fourth quarter and we've played our style of football, hopefully.

Q: Do you think things have to go right early in this game for this team to start getting its confidence and get a good feeling going again?
A: It would be ideal, but I don't think we have to. I've been in big games where we've started off slowly and found ways to pick it up. Obviously, ideal, we want to come out and start fast.

Q: Why should Chicago play their starters?
A: I don't worry about what Chicago does. I don't know. If you need an answer to that question, I guess you could say that it's good karma. We played our starters in '07.