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Tom Coughlin, 12.29.10

We prepare ourselves to go to Washington, in the division. We have one thought in mind and that is to play the kind of game that we can all be proud of, to win our 10th game, to go 3-3 in the division and to at least get rid of the taste from the other night and give ourselves something to be proud of here as we finish the regular season and then whatever happens happens, so Washington is a much improved team. They actually should be 7-8. Anyone who follows them knows that - the Tampa game was a game that they could have and should have won and they played very well down in Jacksonville the other day. They played very well to score twice and two 2-point conversions against Dallas, so since Grossman has started, they've played well and defensively they've played well - they've increased their pressure, they come after the quarterback more, they make more things happen. They've had their injuries, just like anybody else in this business at this time of the year. They're playing with some guys that are getting an opportunity and playing well when given that opportunity. It'll be a divisional game, it'll be a physical game. It's one we look forward to because quite frankly we'd like to have some other memory of how we play than last weekend.

Q: You have a lot of injuries on the report. Can Nicks play with that broken toe?
A: Well, we're going to have to see how he does. He can't play today.

Q: On Sunday?
A: I doubt it.

Q: O'Hara?
A: He's sore today and won't work and he did see the doctor yesterday and we'll have to see.

Q: Webster's ribs?
A: He's sore but I think he'll be okay for tomorrow. He won't be able to work today but I think we'll get him for tomorrow. We have a few guys that won't work today. You see the list, so...

Q: How do you coach this game? Do you watch the scoreboard to see how Chicago-Green Bay is going?
A: No. Really, to be honest with you, we'll coach our guys to just play the game. Play this game, the game that we're in, pay no attention to anything else. All you can do is take care of your own business - there isn't a greater example than last night. That was one of my statements this morning. There were many, but that was one of them: that you take care of your own business, give yourself every opportunity, take care of your own business and good things can happen to you. We'll play the game, be focused on the Washington Redskins, be focused on a divisional game on the road and whatever transpires will transpire.

Q: What did you say to put Sunday's game in the rearview mirror?
A: I didn't try to put it in the rearview mirror. I talked more about different spots during the season where we discussed the fact that our offseason was pointed in a particular direction and we wanted to re-establish ourselves, our pride, our honor, which we didn't do last weekend, so therefore we have one game in order to do that. We talked a little bit more about that and tried to bridge from last week's game into this week's motivation and I think rather than just use the same strategy that we used the week before, which was basically the motivation involved was let's move forward. They were two totally different losses, if you know what I mean. We tried to bridge better from this one to the next one.

Q: Your offense looked like they were trying too hard to force a play. Anything you can do to turn that around?
A: Well, that's a common theme, but I think we have to play better football. That's all I think. I think that our game has to improve - the performance, the execution has to improve. That's exactly where I am. The individual battles have to be won. Stalemates and ties and almost being open and all of that stuff - no. Get the football right, that's what we're talking about. Pride is one word this week, but get the football right. Let's get real serious about the fact that we're football players, we've had this thing for the last two weeks set up the way we wanted it, did not get what we wanted, we have one game to re-establish ourselves.

Q: Are there too many excuses being made?
A: No. I don't think so. I don't think any of them are making excuses. I don't hear that.

Q: Well with guys saying how close and stuff?
A: No. I said that. This is in line with what the question was, not with what someone said from our locker room. No, I don't hear anybody saying anything. As a matter of fact, after the game when I circled around in the lunch room back there after we went back to eat, there weren't very many guys with any answers.

Q: You were in a similar situation in 2006 and you traveled to Washington for the last game - any thoughts back to that game from a personal standpoint?
A: Well, no, not really, just the fact that we had to go win and we did and we got in. We ran the ball really well that night, handled the blitz really well that night. There were a lot of them (blitzes).

Q: What made the offense successful in the games that you played without Smith and Nicks this season?
A: We rushed the ball. In the game that you're referring to - the first Washington game - I think there's two factors in that game: we were plus-five, we haven't been plus-five around here in a long time, but we were plus-five and we rushed for 197, we had time of possession at the 35 minute mark. Those were the difference makers.

Q: Is there something wrong with a system where a 10-win team doesn't get into the playoffs but a 7-win team does?
A: I haven't even had one thought on that. Maybe in a couple of weeks I might have something to say about that, but right now the way our game is, we're all by division and you win the division, you're in and that's what we live by.

Q: Will anyone go on IR today?
A: Not yet, no.