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Eli Manning, 12.29.10

We've got to get back to playing good football. We haven't done it, we haven't finished these last couple of games. The Redskins are playing well. They've played well these last few weeks and so we've got to be able to match the intensity and go out there expecting to play our best.

Q: What is it like knowing that even if you go out and play well, destiny is not in your own hands?
A: No matter what, you want to try to end on a good note and I think that no matter what happens, all we can control is having a great week of practice, preparing ourselves to play well, go out there, play hard, give it our best effort and whatever happens after that happens. All we have to worry about is at least we'll know we gave it our all and that's all we can control.

Q: What is the key to beating them?
A: I think we've got to try to get the running game established, try to stay out of third and longs - they're very good on third down getting the opposing team off the field. They've been scoring points lately, so we've got to play smart football. We've got to stay out of bad situations and if we get into some, we can't turn the ball over. Protect the ball and play smart football.

Q: The Redskins seem to be playing better since you beat them. What do you see different?
A: Their defense seems to be making plays, offensively they're scoring some points, they're winning close games and that's what you see happening - even the games where they have lost, it's come down to the wire, it's come down to the fourth quarter, a play different, a field goal, an extra point goes the wrong way, little things like that. They've been playing teams tight, whether it's been high scoring or low scoring, they've gotten both of them. We've just got to be able to match whatever happens on Sunday and go out there with a great game plan expecting that we've got to play our best football.

Q: Will you peek at the scoreboard?
A: I don't know. I'm not going to be looking for it, I'm not going to be eyeing it every second because we've got to keep our focus on what's going on. It doesn't matter if one team is up by three points. It's not going to make a difference for us. The worst thing that could happen is all of the sudden we think we don't have a shot to make the playoffs and we don't prepare, we don't go and play our hardest and Chicago wins. That's what you can't let happen. We've got to go in expecting everything to work out for the best, feeling that Chicago is going to win for us. Go in with that attitude and if that doesn't work out, all we did was give it our best shot and it didn't work our way.

Q: Coughlin mentioned needing to restore pride and honor this week. Why do you think that's necessary?
A: I think we talked about last year in this offseason, just making sure that what happened last year doesn't happen again and you want to end at least playing - if it does end, you want to end playing well and give yourself a shot and feel like with what you had at this moment that you did the best that you could. We've had other opportunities here, we didn't come through, but now we've got a different opportunity and let's make the best of it.

Q: What do you guys want to establish?
A: I think you see the character of the players on the team and see if the guys who were here last year learned something and remember that feeling of the offseason and don't want to go through that again. See if we learned something, if we improved our character, if we grew up as players and individuals, so that's what I think we'll see this weekend.

Q: How difficult is it to go into this last game with Coach Coughlin facing so much fire?
A: We've all been under fire and as players we've got to go out there playing our best. The coaches are going to prepare us, we're going to be prepared to play, we're going to have a great game plan, now it's our job to go execute it, so that's all we focus on is the opposing team, focus on ourselves, what players we have, our plays and getting mentally and physically ready to play.

Q: You won two games without Nicks and Smith in the lineup. What did you take from those two games?
A: Well, those two games we ran the ball, we protected the football, we played smart, the defense played well, so we know we can win in those games, we've just got to try - a couple of them we scored early - we've got to execute. That's what it comes down to. Can you execute? Can you have a great game plan where guys know what's going on, where to line up, run routes and play good football?

Q: Do you operate differently?
A: Shouldn't operate differently, you should be able to operate on the same page and operate well.