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Packers 45, Giants 17: Another Implosion By Giants

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Ugly. Pathetic. Disgusting. Awful. Embarrassing. Shameful. Humiliating. Mortifying. Bewildering. Disturbing.

Pick any adjective with a negative connotation. They are all appropriate. After watching the New York Giants put on a pitiful performance in a 45-17 loss to Green Bay I am as embarrassed as I have been as a Giants fan since, oh, since ... last week.

Due to the major storm hitting the New York area tonight the Giants are probably stuck in Wisconsin for the night. Good for them!. It's a fitting end to another awful performance by the Giants.

Supposedly, there are ways the Giants can make the playoffs if they go to Washington and defeat the Redskins next week. Does anyone really believe right now that the Giants can go and do that? Or, that they are really a playoff-worthy football team?

I don't. After their defense surrendered more than 500 yards for the first time since 1980? After they turned the ball over six times? After Eli Manning played 'chuck and duck' all day long, acting like a high school kid playing quarterback for the first time?

The Giants deserved to lose this football game. They don't deserve to go the playoffs.

Come on back in the morning for the 'Kudos & Wet Willies.' It won't be pretty, but we will do them anyway.