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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Your Sunday Rooting Guide

Truth is the only game that matters for the New York Giants and their playoff possibilities is the one they are playing in this afternoon against the Green Bay Packers. In the interests of 'Bloody Mary' tradition, which I guess I just made up, let's go through your Sunday rooting guide.

Here are a few games of interest.

Seattle at Tampa Bay -- The 8-6 Buccaneers still, theoretically, have a shot at the playoffs. So, play the smart money and root for the Seahawks to KO the Bucs. It won't matter if the Giants win, anyway, but doesn't hurt to know which side to be on.

Minnesota at Philadelphia -- If the Giants win out and the Eagles lose twice the Giants can still win the NFC East title. Unlikely, but we know all too well that strange things happen. So, root for Joe Webb and the Vikings to pull off the unlikely upset here. Besides, even if it doesn't make any difference watching the Eagles lose is always fun.

San Francisco at St. Louis -- Doesn't mean anything to the Giants. Somebody, however, has to win the NFC West. Why shouldn't it be a team coached by former Giant defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo? Go Rams!

New York Jets at Chicago Bears -- Means nothing to the Giants, of course. But, hey, it's the Jets. You have to root for the Bears, just on principle.

By the way, feel free to use this as an Open Thread to discuss the early games today.