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Giants At Packers: What To Watch Sunday

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With Saturday being Christmas, I am moving up the weekly 'What To Watch' segment to today. So, before you head off to make final preparations for the holiday here are my thoughts on the important things to watch on Sunday.

1. How the Giants start -- We have wondered all week, and we will still be wondering when the game starts, if last Sunday's devastating loss to the Eagles will linger. So, pay attention to how much energy the Giants show at the start of the game. It will tell you a lot about how this one might turn out.

2. The Giants running game -- On paper the Giants should be able to run the ball against the Packers, who are just 19th in the league against the run. Freezing temperatures should be a factor, so running the ball will be important. The Giants do that better than Green Bay, and rely on it more. They will need to run effectively Sunday.

3. Shaun O'Hara -- The Giants center has admitted that he did not play all that well in his return last week from a Lisfranc sprain. There is no way O'Hara is 100 percent healthy, but he needs to be able to handle Green Bay nose tackle B.J. Raji (5.5 sacks) if the Giants offense is going to function efficiently. If he can't do it, the Giants can't afford to leave him out there.

4. Matt Dodge -- Let's see how last week's disaster affects the rookie punter. If he has a good day that will tell us a lot about the young man's character, and his performance (good or bad) will tell us a lot about what type of NFL future he has.

5. Can the Giants get to Aaron Rodgers -- Green Bay has not run the ball exceptionally well this season. You would have to think the Giants are going to go all out to put pressure on Rodgers to try and force some mistakes. They better get there or Rodgers will slice the secondary apart.