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Tom Coughlin 12.23.10

Q: David Diehl is back and okay?
A: Diehl seemed to do well, yeah.

Q: Will Blackmon?
A: No, he is listed with a "knee" and he didn't practice today.

Q: Who becomes the punt returner?
A: We have a couple of guys. We have two or three guys that would work back there.

Q: How did he hurt his knee?
A: Just normal wear and tear - no incident. But toward the end of practice yesterday he kind of slowed down a little bit.

Q: Besides Matt Dodge there are 10 other guys on that punt team unit. Are you expecting changes on the punt team at all?
A: Not wholesale; not at all, no. It is what it is. A lot of those same guys are on the kickoff coverage team. And that point was made to them.

Q: It has been something throughout the year where the kick team is better than the punt team. Is there a reason for that?
A: Well, other than the fact that we don't cover as well.

Q: Yeah.
A: There are a lot of reasons. But let's just leave at that. We are not covering very well.

Q: You told us a few times that a crisp practice is more important than getting acclimated to the elements. You did have the doors open.
A: Your teeth were chattering. Does that mean that we didn't work in the cold? We had the doors open. We had it below 45 degrees in here today, which obviously is not game temperature. But the thing that occurs right now is, it is a frozen grass field and part of the turf field is frozen as well - the part that is closest to the building. So really there is no going outside. So we try to make it reasonable in here. It is better today - a little chillier today.

Q: Does it help them?
A: It gets their mind right. There are going to play in colder weather than this. It is not comfortable. Let's put it that way.

Q: Is that what you think is the toughest part about cold weather games - mental toughness?
A: No. To be honest with you, the guys have always done a good job in the cold weather. So that is just the way it is. So they have set themselves mentally - and made themselves and prepared themselves to play in whatever the elements are. I don't ever remember that being a factor.

Q: Was the '07 Championship Game your coldest? New England, too, when you were at Jacksonville?
A: Yeah, that was a cold day, too. I think -26 or 4, or whatever it was. It was very chilly.

Q: Will you bring different gear for yourself?
A: No, every one of these players has gone down through the color of my face. Whatever they will pack I will wear.

Q: Even a ski mask?
A: I don't think so.

Q: With all of the turnovers that the defense has had this year, are you surprised that they haven't put up any points on those?
A: Well, it is going to happen, it is going to happen. If we keep that part of it up, it will happen. That is what you hope for and count on. You look back over all the games - just looking at Green Bay and their opponents - the special teams plays, the plays that are made with the return game. The ‘after the catch' yardage was made with the turnover; so, big factors. We have certainly done a nice job with that part of it - something we needed desperately. And of course we had to combine it with the year in which we have given the ball away way, way too many times. But I think it is in front of us.

Q: You told us how hard you took Sunday's loss. How hard do you think Perry Fewell took it? He is a pretty intense guy.
A: I'm not going to talk anymore about last week. That is over. We are going forward here.

Q: You know him, how do you think -----?
A: We are going forward.

Q: How did you see him this week?
A: We are going forward. I see energy and ‘let's get back to work' kind of thing.

Q: Lawrence Tynes has been incredibly consistent this year. Do you like where he has been? This is kind of what you have expected from him throughout his career?
A: Yeah, I have always expected the variety in kickoffs and things of that nature. There are always things that could be improved. But he has been solid.

Q: Will Blackmon's knee is the same one that cost him the season?
A: It is one of his knees.

Q: You told us yesterday that you read everything on Lombardi that you can get you hands on. Do you do that with a lot of other coaches, or is he the one?
A: He is the number one coach - as a young coach - that I read about because he had more things written about him. I read anything about anybody that has done it in this business - Bill Walsh. There is a recent Bill Walsh book that I haven't really jumped into, but I'm looking forward to it. Any of those types of books - the military, the outstanding leadership kind of material that you read from time to time and see from time to time - the great Presidents of the country, I try to read that type of literature, yeah.

Q: Do you have a favorite previous NFL coach that is sort of a model?
A: I have admired many, to be honest with you. But as I said, as a young coach when I was finishing college as a player and just starting out as a coach, that was the Green Bay hey day. So that was - obviously Coach Lombardi was focused, very much focused on them.

Q: We were told yesterday that Eli ranked the win at Green Bay as his favorite memory. You obviously said it was the Super Bowl for you. But for him to go in there and to beat a legendry quarterback like Brett Favre in those conditions, with everything that was on the line, how big a moment do you think that was in Eli's career?
A: Oh, it was a tremendous statement game, no question. And the follow up was pretty good, too.

Q: Have you changed the schedule this weekend at all because of the holiday?

A: For the players, they have a normal Friday - they have all of that Christmas Eve. We will bring them in later on Saturday so they can spend Christmas morning with the families.