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Five Questions With 'Hogs Haven'

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No Redskins cheerleaders at New Meadowlands this weekend. But, I still had to give some eye candy.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
No Redskins cheerleaders at New Meadowlands this weekend. But, I still had to give some eye candy. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
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Our New York Giants are facing Donovan McNabb and the Washington Redskins this week. So, I reached out to our cohorts over at Hogs Haven for a 'Five Questions' segment, and Kevin Ewoldt happily obliged. His answers to my questions are below, and my answers to Kevin's questions have already been posted over at HH. As always, a reminder to play nice.

BBV: Devin Thomas. In two NFL stops now this guy has really done absolutely nothing. Is there any reason to think he will help the Giants at all, especially coming in this late in the season.

HH: Based on what WRs are out there, I don't think you can do worse. Devin has all the physical abilities to be a great WR. When I interviewed Devin earlier this past summer, he told me Shanahan sat him down and wanted him to be his guy...and they talked routes, etc. Obviously, that never worked out. Devin was not one to get drunk, but he he had a busy social life with the modeling, appearances, which was his downfall in the lack of focus he showed in practice and film room. He was constantly womanizing on twitter, though that is more common than you think. The Redskins have never been good at developing WRs the last decade, so if the Giants can't save Devin, no one will.

BBV: There was a lot of talk earlier in the year about the relationship between Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb. Is that getting any better, or is there really not much of a future beyond this season for McNabb in Washington?

HH: I think there's a future. The horrible OLine, zero RBs, and poor WRs are big problem. Who could thrive in this system? The dropped balls and jail-break rushers have become a staple against DC each week. It appears Shanny was trying to mold McNabb into being the second coming of Elway instead of using McNabb for his strengths. When you look at the zero QB free agents in 2011 (Peyton isn't going anywhere), the Redskins really are stuck with McNabb. Expect the Skins to franchise him.

BBV: The Redskins are 5-6 and have lost three of four. It looks like you are probably out of the playoff hunt. Yet, keeping in mind the Jim Zorn Era, has this season been a step in the right direction for the franchise?

HH: I think so. Shanahan inherited a roster with more holes than Paris Hilton's underwear. He immediately cut 10 veterans, most of whom were starters, and with the few draft picks we had, re-building is 2-3 years minimum. Shanny and Bruce Allen are still infinitely better than Cerrato and Snyder making personnel decisions.

BBV: What player on the Giants roster would you most like to bring to Washington and put into the Redskins starting lineup? Why?

HH: Probably Chris Snee. He's no Spring chicken at 28 but the Redskins OLine is horrible in the middle 3. Having a 2x Pro-Bowler there would be huge.

BBV: If there is one weakness you would expect the Giants to try and exploit, or one player they might target, what or who would it be?

HH: The OLine. Opposing teams have been gashing the Redskins defense up the middle on rushes. NT Ma'ake Kemoeatu has been consistently getting pushed backwards off the line of scrimmage by a single OLineman, which allows Guards to take out our LBs. Same goes on our passing plays, they can't contain the pressure at all. Expect a lot of blue in the Redskins back field.