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Matt Dodge, Post-Game, 12.19.10

Q: Can you describe your emotions right now?
A: Just extremely frustrated. I feel like I had a good game all game, putting it where I wanted to, and sometimes you try so hard to do something - get it out of bounds - and you just lose your head. And that's kind of what happened.

Q: Why did you give Jackson a chance to return the ball there?
A: No, not a chance. I was definitely looking out of bounds the whole way. I got the snap and tried to get it off quick. Not a good time to hit a line drive, that's for sure.

Q: So it was a matter of rushing to get it off quick there?
A: I had plenty of time, just not executing good. There's nothing more you can say. You can't give the most explosive returner in the game a line drive in a situation like that.

Q: How hard do you take this loss? Do you put it all on yourself even if the defense gave up three scores in the last six minutes?
A: I just have to get better. When you need to hit something good - you can hit good punts all game, but when it comes down to it, you just have to learn to calm your nerves and do what you're supposed to do. There's some things I did today that I'm happy with and I'll definitely try and take and learn from.

Q: Did Coach Coughlin personally instruct you to get it out of bounds?
A: I think everyone on that sideline did. And I knew it. He didn't have to tell me. It wasn't rocket science not to kick it to him with 12 seconds left, but sometimes you don't execute as well as you'd like.

Q: Did the high snap have an effect on your punt?
A: No. It didn't pull me off my line. I didn't have to jump crazy for it. I caught it and just didn't get it off.