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Justin Tuck, Post-Game, 12.19.10

Q: Are there any words to describe the last 8 minutes of the game?
A: You got any? I'm searching. I've never been part of anything like this.
Q: What was the mood like after the (Brent) Celek touchdown and the onside kick recovery?
A: It was still kind of light. We thought about making a stop and getting the offense back on the field, and running the clock out. Never did we think that they were going to have the opportunity to come back like they did.
Q: Did the defense do anything different or did (Michael) Vick just....?
A: He has my vote for MVP. He really showed up in the fourth quarter; more with his legs than earlier in the game. He made plays, we didn't. I give those guys a lot of credit, they stuck in there, it was 31 to 10 in the fourth quarter, to be able to come back like that, it showed a lot of heart, it showed a lot of guts from them. Anytime you're in a situation like that, our defense has to step up and find a way to get a stop there and we weren't able to.
Q: On the (Brent) Celek TD, it looked like you were covering him, was that by design? What happened on that play?
A: Well, I had underneath. Our safety didn't make the tackle and get lined up. He gets paid to make plays and Celek made a great play and it was off to the races.
Q: Have you ever been part of a loss like this?
A: No.

Q: Did you ever think that you guys would just get the momentum back?
A: Yea. I mean after the onside kick we felt as though we would go back out and stop them and be right back where we wanted to be. After that score, you kind of felt like then that the tide was turning and obviously you try to scramble and get it back but they made plays. They made a lot of good plays down at the end of the football game. Give those guys credit, man. It would be easy for me to sit up here and say we're all the reason why we lost it but they had to make plays to win it, and they did.
Q: Is it hard to believe that could happen to your defense? (Michael Vick's success in the 4th quarter)
A: It was tough. We kind of got into some prevent defenses early in the fourth quarter, kind of a bend but don't break. He didn't have anywhere to throw the ball on a couple of those plays and obviously him being the athlete he is, he made something out of it. So give him a lot of credit man, he put his team on his back and really carried them to a victory.
Q: What do you say to the guys as you prepare for Green Bay?
A: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and we're not dead. We've got two more to go and we've still got a great opportunity to make the playoffs. Once you get there you never know what's going to happen. I'm not as mad about this game as people might think, just because I'm looking forward to the next one. That's what you have to do, you can't allow yourself to get caught up in the emotions of this one and not be ready for Green Bay. We've got another tough place to play next week.
Q: How tough is it for the defense to turn right around and come back out after the onside kick?
A: No excuses. We've had situations where we've had to come right back out after turnovers, same situation.
Q: Describe your feelings watching that punt return at the end?
A: I can't really do that. No words.
Q: Would you like to see this team again?
A: Absolutely.
Q: Do you think you will?
A: I hope so.
Q: Is there a point when you feel that the design of the defense starts to break down?
A: Definitely, because they have so many weapons on offense: Desean (Jackson), (Jeremy) Maclin, (Brent) Celek, (LeSean) McCoy out of the backfield, (Jason) Avant. All of those guys are very athletic and can hurt you in their own ways. There was a lot of attention being paid to them and once you see Vick running and you have to come off of a Desean Jackson, obviously you're going to be out of position. He can make you look bad in situations like that, even cornerbacks, he's one of the fastest guys on the football field and he showed that. It's just tough, obviously I'm on the D-line and I've got to do a better job of getting in there and run at him. Like I said, he made the plays and we didn't.
Q: How devastated is that locker room?
A: It's devastated and it should be. We let one slip out of our hands. We had an opportunity to basically seal up the NFC East today, had it and lost it. I know that team, we'll bounce back, we'll be ready to play next week and we'll move forward.
Q: How was your role changing in the 4th quarter with the prevent defense? Did you drop back in coverage a little more?
A: A little bit, I don't think it changed anything though. I dropped some earlier in the game too so. It's just that they made some plays, obviously we had our defenses, and they had great calls against them and we played them well. But the X factor today was (Michael) Vick, you can't really shut him down all game, he showed that today. He started running with his legs and that really got us trying to scramble up front and more trying to spy him up front than rush him, and that kind of took us out of our game. Again, I give them a world of credit, they made the plays and we didn't.
Q: Was the energy of (Michael) Vick surprising, did you feel like you wore him out early?
A: Well you would think that but again, he's a great athlete and he showed it again today. You're right we did hit him a lot; we got some good hits on him, some hard hits. He got up slow some plays, but when your adrenaline starts running like I'm sure his was when they started to come back, you forget about it.
Q: On the defeat and consecutive losses to the Eagles.
A: We're looking forward, that's all I can say about it. We'll find a way to get over this, I guess, jinx of the Eagles. Who knows? Every one of our games against them has been tough nosed games. Our word of the day was resiliency, and they showed a lot of it. So again, we just give ourselves the opportunity to come back and move forward and hopefully get another shot at them.
Q: You've probably heard this already; could you describe what it's like going through a quarter like that?
A: You're right I have heard that question. I'll give you the same answer I gave him. I have no words for it; I'm actually searching, so if any of ya'll have anything for me... let me know.