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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Giants' Fans Rooting Guide

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Besides this afternoon's battle between our New York Giants and the arch-rival Philadelphia Eagles, there are several games that matter to the Giants today.

  • Detroit (3-10) at Tampa Bay (8-5): You have to root for the Lions to help the Giants out again. A Tampa Bay loss would make it very difficult for the Buccaneers to get into the playoffs.
  • New Orleans (10-3) at Baltimore (9-4): I think the Saints are making the playoffs regardless of what happens today, but a loss by the Saints sure can't hurt.
  • Green Bay (8-5) at New England (11-2): Root for the Patriots, of course. A Packers loss would be a huge boost for the Giants, especially since New York goes to Green Bay next week. Matt Flynn will replace Aaron Rodgers (concussion) at quarterback for Green Bay.
  • Chicago (9-4) at Minnesota (5-8): I am not holding out much hope here that the Vikings can upset the Bears on Monday night, not with Joe Webb and Patrick Ramsey at quarterback, but it sure would be nice.