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Tom Coughlin, 12.17.10

Q: Can you remember the last time you had all 53 in pads?
A: Probably not, to be honest with you.

Q: Did Shaun O'Hara look good to go?
A: Shaun worked. He's had good work and we'll see. We're always looking at the next day to see how the guys recover.

Q: Shaun O'Hara?
A: We're talking about Shaun O'Hara, I believe.

Q: What did you list him as?
A: Questionable.

Q: How about Shawn Andrews?
A: He worked a little bit today, too, and we listed him questionable, too.

Q: Will O'Hara depend on how he feels tomorrow?
A: A lot will.

Q: What do you need to hear from him?
A: I'm not going to give the exact wording, but he's got to feel like he gets up tomorrow morning and feels better than he did the day before.

Q: You've been running the ball well. If you shift the line now, is there a danger that you lose something?
A: I can't really feel that way. I think that like I've always said, the more quality players we have, the better off we are. We are fortunate in that a number of the guys can be interchangeable, so from that standpoint we've always gotten a bunch of guys ready to play and I hope that that prevails again.

Q: Why did you guys decide to use crowd noise today?
A: To be honest with you, the defensive guys like it. They do. They thought that since we're at home the noise would be going with their offense and those guys wanted to. Hey, what do you want? What do you need guys? Just play your rear ends off.

Q: How gratifying is it to see the running game come together the way it has the past two weeks? Can it be sustained for the rest of the season?
A: I hope so. That's what the whole thing is about - balance - and quite frankly I'd like to see the throwing and the passing game work hand in hand with that because that's where your opportunities come from.

Q: How do you cut out the Eagles' big play?
A: That's their ability range. They throw the ball well down the field. They have an outstanding runner. They screen well. They pop the run through quickly with a speedy runner and that's difficult sometimes to be in a position where you've always got him contained or controlled, so they're a good team and they rely on that.

Q: Can you win if you allow even one of those?
A: Well, you've got to believe you can. Sure you can. You've just got to come back and match. You're going to have to come back and do something about it yourself. It's really interesting how close the big plays are. If you look at them between the two teams, there's not a whole lot of difference.

Q: Has O'Hara been a contributor on the sidelines?
A: Oh, absolutely. He's in it all the way.

Q: Does he play a role in changing up some things the past couple of weeks?
A: No. He's a supporter and he's always there to talk about the experience that Richie or whoever the guards are are having and whatever he sees he shares with them.

Q: How is Manningham?
A: He seemed to be okay today. A little bit better.

Q: The last game: two McCoy runs, two crossing patterns. Did you focus on each of those this week?
A: We always focus on the big plays, we always focus on how they fit within how the game goes, but all you've got to do is think about the long run. It's fourth and one and he goes 50. They bobbled the ball, otherwise we're coming off the edge. Osi misses the ball by that much or maybe that one goes the other way. You've got to be aggressive and you've got to be in there, but you've got to be in the right position to defend all those things and that's easier said than done.

Q: On that play were you in the right position?
A: No. I just said that. Because we thought the ball was being bobbled, we weren't in as good of shape as we could have been in, but Osi was very close, even then.

Q: How much can you take advantage of a rookie at middle linebacker? Is it as easy as maybe a rookie at cornerback?
A: I don't know that easy is the right word. He played very well in the job that he did the other day when he came in without knowing that he was going to have to play, so I'm sure they've built on that, but there are things he has not seen.

Q: Eli said that the urgency is there for him in practice this week. Do you see that?
A: He's had a good week. He was sharp. He did a good job today of not throwing the ball into some coverages that weren't necessarily the way we had them on the cards, but he wasn't going to take a chance on the ball. I thought that was good.

Q: Was that a reaction to last week maybe?
A: Maybe a reaction to realizing that it's okay to throw the ball away.

Q: Does Pierre-Paul have more responsibility now than when you guys played the Eagles the first time?
A: He has more jobs, yeah.

Q: Can you elaborate on that?
A: He has more assignments. He is a bigger part of things.

Q: Do you expect Andrews to play?
A: We'll see.

Q: Why indoors?
A: For me, the quality of the practice. They'll play. They'll play outside. They've done that before. I want the focus.