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Perry Fewell, 12.17.10

Q: Have other teams adopted your game plan since the last time you played the Eagles?
A: I wouldn't say that. The Bears attacked them the way the Bears like to attack people - they have a specific style. Hopefully we can be successful like them.

Q: You used a lot of the three safety formations against them. When do you remember thinking that was a formation you could use?
A: We're a lot more athletic as a defense when we use that particular package and that's why we like to use that package. Really, the thought process was back during training camp, it was during OTAs as I looked around at the players and we were evaluating our players, et cetera, just putting them in the right positions and having the right chemistry was a thing that was going to be important for us and it took a little while for us to get that right.

Q: Then a few weeks into the season you realized this could be something that could work well for you?
A: Oh yeah. We used it in Indy, but we didn't use it the right way. I didn't have the pieces in the right positions and we just kept working with it in practice and then we felt like we would be able to be successful with it and use it when we needed to use it, but it had to have an identity and we had to attach an identity to it and we just tried to do that throughout the season.

Q: Were there things that you wanted to put in the game plan this week but you didn't have time?
A: No. We were prepared to roll. We treated it like a Monday night game, which it was. We were prepared when we were in Detroit - we broke down Philly on Monday and talked and planned, so no, we're ready.

Q: I know you didn't win last time, but when you look back at your game plan, did you accomplish what you wanted to?
A: We thought at the time that it was good plan. Obviously we didn't win, so it must not have been very good. We thought it was the right thing to do at that time.

Q: Do you feel like you kept Vick on edge and disrupted their game plan?
A: We felt like we disrupted some timing and that type of thing the last time we played them. You have to hold this team - not allow them to have big plays against you, so that was the main focus, trying to accomplish that because they had just bombed Washington the week before with a lot of big plays.

Q: Well, now they know what you did and can try to counteract that, which maybe means you have to do something totally different?
A: Yeah.

Q: McCoy can make big plays, too. How do you deal with his big plays versus the receivers?
A: In my opinion, he is the guy. The receivers, they get all the accolades, but if you look at the games and who damages you in the fourth quarter, against us it was McCoy, against Dallas it was McCoy. He's the guy who inflicts the pain on you and the other guys get the glory, so he's a tough cat to handle now. First and second down he's getting that run, be it run or be it screens or what have you, but he's just pounding away at you and then in the fourth quarter he gets stronger. He's got a great will on him and he fights and he busts runs against you and he's a very tough man to cover with 60 minutes of football.

Q: There has been a lot of attention paid to Vick's hits. How thin is the margin on that on whether to hit him or pull up?
A: You've just got to play within the rules is my opinion. When he pulls the ball down he's a running back, so he's fair game. When he's in the pocket, you've just got to play within the rules and see what you hit, but we're going to play good, clean football and the objective is to put hits on the quarterback and to punish him.

Q: So do you expect to radically alter the game plan?
A: I'm going to keep that a secret.

Q: DeSean Jackson has a foot injury. Does that figure into your thinking?
A: When you're out there on game day - they told me when we played the Lions that Calvin Johnson had a shoulder and couldn't even raise his arm and the next thing I know, he was running 87 yards down the field, so I don't take those things into it. I say he's going to play and he's ready to roll and I've been burned by that one other time, so unless he doesn't show up, I'm saying he's full speed.

Q: With pressure on Vick, do you go after him first and try to get the sack and then worry about the other stuff later?
A: Well, you can pick your poison because he's such a good athlete and he's such a good quarterback - he's throwing the ball very accurately - and I think you just have to calculate the times that you want to pressure him and you have to calculate the times that you want to try to make him be a quarterback, so it's a game of chess and hopefully you can win some of those matches.

Q: Last game you were in the three safety look 75% of the time. Why do you think that has been so successful?
A: Because of the athletes. The athletic ability of those guys allows us to have very disguises, various movements, a lot more flexibility within what we can do and how we can attack people because of the athletes that we can use.

Q: Have you ever had a defense like that at your disposal?
A: We used something similar to that in Buffalo, but not like we do here. This is the most athletic group of defensive players I've been around.