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Kevin Gilbride, 12.16.10

Q: How does it feel to have everybody back (O'Hara, Andrews) on the offensive line now? It's been a while.
A: Yeah, it has been a while. Hopefully they'll be playing. I haven't heard an official pronouncement yet, but it'll be good to get him back. I'm sure (Shaun) will be rusty like all of us would be under those circumstances, but just his experience, his knowledge and the fact is that he's an outstanding football player. If that does materialize, it certainly would be a benefit to us.

Q: Against the Eagles, how does the loss of Steve Smith, one of your most dependable wide receivers, affect your offense?
A: He's a great football player. He's a Pro Bowl receiver and somebody who is extremely adept at finding those windows, those cavities in zone coverages. He's basically uncoverable in two-man, so the things that they do are they're a blitzing team and they play two-man and those are two things that he shines at. You lose that, obviously it's a huge loss, but to (Derek) Hagan's credit, he's been with us and when we've asked him to do something, he's played very well for us, so we'll have to depend on him and we'll use some of the other guys - some of the focal points that normally would go to Steve will have to go to some of the other receivers and they'll have to step up. That will include Kevin Boss. Whenever we've asked Kevin to step up, he's done it. We'll ask the backs to do it, we'll ask some of the other receivers - Mario as well as Hakeem, so it is certainly a challenge but I think we've got enough - we need to have enough - and I think we do.

Q: The distribution last week between Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw was almost even in terms of carries and yards. Is that what you like to do?
A: We never set out to do that. It happens occasionally. Usually it's whoever has got the hot hand who seems to be having the most effectiveness and the most success and then you kind of lean on him and use the other one to give him a breather or just as a change of pace, but if it turns out that way and they both get 100 yards, that would be perfect.

Q: When Brandon Jacobs and Bear Pascoe are back there, is that the tallest backfield you've ever seen?
A: Yeah. I guess it is now that you mention it. I hadn't thought of it that way, but yeah it is, so maybe they'll be able to protect the quarterback because they won't know where he's standing, so maybe it'll be a help to us.

Q: Last week at fullback, was that the best game Bear has played?
A: Well, I think you saw the two plays he made catching the ball, which was great and he has just been one of those guys, kind of an unsung guy that doesn't get a lot of attention and he just goes out very quietly and does his job. I think he's got great toughness and is really a determined guy so he takes full advantage of whatever ability level he has and he's been very effective for us and I think he's not only earned the respect of his teammates, but he's earned my respect in terms of play calling. I don't hesitate to run behind him at all because I know he'll do the right thing.